Sunday, 9 June 2013

Writings of a Modern Dramatic

Count this the writings of a modern dramatic.

Our words. are getting transient...

I've spent my life studying something so immaterial. knowledge.

my hands yearn to form something, to grasp and to hold on to"

I've always thought humans are designed to be clumsy. Yet in that clumsiness, dance comes forth. action, poise, sensuality.

I master streams of knowledge. passing them on to the descendants of future.
I am taught to know many things. An insane babble of 'voices' are shouting at me and through me.
I am shown the limits of starlight and yet I am earthbound, rooted into the ground.

On Other Thoughts

I am captive to my clicks, and I am watched by invisible eyes of the ephemeral web.
my own sight is robbed, staring at the screen that shows me a million distractions.
My existence is summed in this whirring hum of statistical numbers

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