Saturday, 1 January 2005


haih my granma saw my earrings and was like "u suldnt put such things,Bo Sui Ah(not nice)" While i was at A'Famosa at the hot springs,the hot springs were like ,there was a woman who sed it will affect my eyes in the wonder i heard this story where a girl felt a string in her ear,pulled it and...went BLIND!so i tot i'd do a little research on piercings. Tongue piercing is the most dangerous n can b fatal!that barbell in ur tongue can crack ur teeth when u accidentally chew it.Nipple piercings can cause women's breast to b useless,how's ur poor baby gonna drink huh??oh its riskier to have ur upper ears pierced like i did because its cartilage,Infection here will be harder to heal.Getting ur ears pierced at a shopping mall is bad,better to find professionals.STUD guns CANNOT be wonder my ears for the eye still not sure,havent seen any proof yet

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