Thursday, 31 January 2008


The day was tinged with light blue,all around me cars rushed to be the first in line for the crawl. The morning battle ensues.

My mother drops me off at the Kelana Jaya LRT station. A large puff of carbon monoxide creeps in the air. I watch the dried leaves dance around like fairies on the floor, with holes like cigarette burns burnt through them. I climb up the stairs avoiding the usual bum sitting at the side of the road.

My prepaid ticket slides through the machine; the guard eyes me warily. I stand obediently behind the yellow line waiting for the train to come.

The doors slide open and people exchange places between the platform and train. I adjust myself on the incredibly uncomfortable and confined seat.

I get lost inside the world of Neil Gaiman's Smoke and Mirrors, the sound around me dims.

Just then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a man move strangely as he entered. I pulled myself out of my book world to look at him. I saw a man with his right hand on a crutch and a thick jacket thrown over his left arm. He limped forward and threw himself on the seat awkwardly. I went back to my book.

I feel his stare upon me, burning like a fireplace poker. He then threw off his jacket to reveal a huge army knife in his grip!

Our eyes met, Fear against Madness. He lunges forward to me in one swift movement and plunges the knife into my chest.

I couldn't scream, I couldn't fight. Nobody did anything. Nobody cared.

All I could think of in those last moments were "Why? why did he do this?"

Then the blood and the man dissipated into thin air. I shake off the remnants of my imagination. The crippled man was still sitting on his seat,minding his own business. Neil Gaiman's books has a way of making you hallucinate.

I continue immersing myself into the stories when the door opens and a tall guy in a white t-shirt walks in. The seat beside me just happened to be empty. He sat down beside me, both of us shifting around trying to fit into the seat.

He was warm, I was feverish, my pulse begun to race. As he took out his earphones, our skin touched. It was love at first touch. And I hadn't even seen his face yet. His warmth spread through me like sweet honey.

I quivered.

The chime sounded. I savored my last moments with him by my side. I stood up and turned, facing his direction.

He was so pretty. Beneath his cap was a face that was angelic with just a little hint of mischief. Fair as light and warm and bright.

Then the door slid open and the everlasting love faded. He never knew he was "The One", i could never tell him. Even though the time we had was only between Pasar seni and Masjid Jamek. It meant something to me.

I walked off with a heavy heart, watching the burnt little brown fairies dance along the streets.
A passing car smashes them under it's tyres.

A Fiction piece by Royce.
Speaking of strange people. I recently was added by someone on Facebook.

This is her "so called" pic:

I was reluctant to add her cuz I didn't know who she was and I don't add strangers.

So I thought it might be someone i know as the name is quite familiar. So I wrote her a message titled "ERM". This is exactly how it went:~
Sorry to ask you this. but i know a few shally or shelley's so i'm not too sure where I met you from

Are you Sabrina's shelley? or Cynthia's shally?

or did we meet somewhere else?
well your profile pic looks gorgeous but it also makes it super hard for me to recognize you.

have a nice day though!

12:41pm Jan 30th
hehe actually i'm not both...
just wanna be friends with u
i hope u dun mind
i'm having some problem uploading my picture... so that't not me...
i'm chinese
from Penang.. but i saw u at Gurney B4...
then now i met u in facebook so i add u as my friend...
is ok if u mind to accept the request...
anyway nice to meet you...
hope to know more bout u ..... (:


EIYER!!! such nonsense lies! It's not her pic and she doesn't know me.
BUT! she can remember me from Gurney....

The last time I went to penang was September 2006!
come on, honestly people. Is it possible to remember someone on facebook that you randomly saw on the street 2 years ago?

I don't mind meeting new people Shally but I don't like liars..
Unless, you were part of this event that I blogged about on the (3/Sep/06)

Another special event was when I shopped at Gurney Plaza,there was a group of younger people on the escalator goin up to the next floor.I was looking elsewhere when they shouted in my direction "ROYCE! ROYCE!". My mom,my sister and I almost snapped our heads turning to look in their direction.We were just in time for them to disappear upstairs.I really don't know them at all,but I reasoned it was probably Rachell's friends or admirers.Like rach said "penang people are Kay Poh's"

Is it possible that I have a fanclub somewhere in Penang?

eiyer stalker world!


JustEve said...

I am also a neil gaiman fan :D if you can afford it, get the sandman comic collection. bloody fucking delicious

Shally said...

Hi Royce,
I think you have misunderstand me!
Because i already stated there that "Anna Tsuchiya pics" is not my picture! In the mail, i wrote * i'm having some problem uploading my picture... so that't not me...
i'm chinese
from Penang.. but i saw u at Gurney B4... *
I said i saw you at Gurney B4 coz the guy really look like you, and why i can remember you? coz in Rachell's friendster have a lot of your pictures with her... And Why do i know Rachell? This happened in primary school time when her mom was teaching in our primary sch. Her mum was teaching English language and the last time i met Rachell was when i was in GHEE TUITION centre. Rachell and I keep in touch through emailing in friendster till she using Facebook and i think she didn't Login to frienster for a long time. U can call me a stranger because i really didn't know who you are but just know that you are one of Rachell's friends. You says you don't mind meeting new people, but i didn't know that i start the conversation in first mail with you in the wrong way and have you misunderstood.
I didn't angry of Rachell or Li Fang as they said in Facebook wall's that i'm such a loser of life. Maybe Rachell forgot that i'm the same person in frienster emailed her and i know you will show Rachell this comment too... I just hoping that u guys don't think that i'm a liar because from the very beginning i didn't! Even about Rachell's mom, i still have our class picture. Hope you can understand not misunderstood. Thanks Rayce :)