Friday, 15 June 2007


(on a jet plane~ don't know when I'll be back again)~

Well, I think its time to come clean. I'm leaving for Melbourne,Australia next month and staying for about 1.5 years to do a degree program. It's been really hard keeping all this a secret because I didn't want to announce anything before it was confirmed. But It looks like things are going as planned, so I should let people know a little ahead of time before I go.

Most people asked me what are the reasons I'm going, well here are my major reasons:
  • I get 1.5 years exemption from the degree program- effectively cutting the normal 4 yrs to get a degree - into 3.5 yrs for me (including my time in One academy) so it's an extra half year to get a degree compared to the diploma i'll get here.
  • I get to go after my dream and goals in terms of career.
  • I get to major in Advertising Creative as well as Philosophy& Literature! ( plus elective in my choice of subjects).
  • RMIT is well known.
  • Exposure.
  • It's something new!
  • It IS divine calling. You wouldn't be able to comprehend all the signs from Goddess that I've been receiving.

Currently I am no longer studying in The One Academy, Most of my collegemates are clueless to this fact. sigh! so worried about the bombarment after this. And I have no confirmed date of flight yet so dont ask me when I'm leaving - I can only say in the beginning of July. Now damn panic I have an extreme short amount of time (2-3weeks?) to :
  1. Do Visa
  2. Get medical Checkup
  3. Book Flight
  4. Find a Place to stay
  5. Pack for 1.5 yrs!
  6. Shopping
  7. Transfer Gym membership
  8. Do everything I want to do in malaysia
  9. Say Baibye to all
  10. Repair and strengthen family relationship before undergoing almost two years separation
  11. Tie up all loose ends by returning the 1001 things i've borrowed.
  12. omg I feel so panic lan chi jiau bai.
On a lighter note

Since I have such a limited time left, here's how I've been trying to squeeze it all in-
Been watching super wonderful taiwanese drama series based on Japanese Manga -
Hanazakarino Kimitachihe (For You In Full Blossom) or, in Mandarin, Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nü ('花樣少年少女')=(The Tricks of Boys and Girls).

Starring Ella, a member of the hit Taiwanese Girl Group, S.H.E.
plot summary:

Three years prior, a girl named Lu Rui Xi high jumper Zuo Yi Quan on television and was amazed by him. She decides to transfer to his school and become his friend, but the particular school he attends is strictly boys-only. After a shaky start, including a rude collision with Quan outside of the classroom, Rui Xi is able to settle in at the school. By a stroke of luck, she has been assigned to be Quan's room mate. (wowness)!

Soon, she is accepted as a normal student, but after sustaining an injury to the head, her gender is discovered by Mei Tian, the school health official, and Quan (whom she does not realise knows her secret). Mei Tian becomes her confidant, but Quan keeps Rui Xi's secret to himself in order to protect her identity. Jin Xiu Yi,a close friend and classmate, begins to question his own sexuality when he finds himself attracted to this new student, whom he believes to be male.

I tell you I damn syok sendiri watching this series, finished all 15 episodes of 90 minutes each in two nights! wahhaaha. Thanx Shaza's Sista!

The ratings for Hanazakarino Kimitachihe were so high that television channels in Japan and South Korea dished out over 30,000,000 NTD for the rights to broadcast the drama.

Starting from May 24, 2007, this show will be aired in Malaysia on channel 8TV.

The shocking thing was when I watched episode 8, Dickson whom i met through friendster was acting in it! I was so shocked! imagine seeing someone you innocently chat with suddenly acts in your fun fun drama series!? so amazing lor. And he had quite a big part too. He was the secret weapon for DOrm 1 in the EKCOPE All Boys school's Beauty Pageant! LOL> he wore drag! if you wanna have a look, there's an episode on FionaLaCrimeQueen's Fave Site

Almighty yum cha

And just last night I spent about 20 hours for one an almighty yum cha session with Winson. Wahaha I know so cheesin.. We aimed to go kepong, but ended up in Setapak's new Steven's Corner, then we sat there till 5am! omg I just talked non stop lor. amazed his ears didn't dissolve. Then after that, moved to Jalan Ipoh for Dim Sum... goodness.. Just gaining Lipo-Butt only. Then went over to his house for Green And finally to the Sri Hartamas Shopping centre. By the time he dropped me home, it was 7 pm the NEXT day jor... gosh tired like mad from my nonstop talk with him.
Happy happy yum cha day.. Thanx WINSON! MUAHX! ahaha. especially for driving all the time!

New Features!

Now Royce's blog also has comments, available archive and is even up for subscription. Isn't it great?! feels so great to be able to improve my personal creation. Do comment on what you feel and how I can improve my blog too. Thanks. -All for your viewing pleasure-

I guess I'll end here, I'll leave my Msn on for whatever questions you have. Oh and whoever is interested in taking over a Midvalley Megamall CALIFORNIA FITNESS gym membership, please do let me know, You wont have to pay for registration fee since I've taken care of that. Let me know! Thanx.


Prince Royce said...

Your thoughts and words will be carefully considered with my wisdom.


fi said...

Oooo. LOL.

let me know what happens!!

good luck!


dennis said...

heheh yeah it's me ..dennis the menace

dennis said...

yeah it's me dennis the menace...

Alexa-Star a.k.a. Shaza said...

DANGER! STRANGER-DANGER!!!~ You think you could get away from this? (insulting your new given lecturer?? SIEEN!!!!) WAHAHA!~

Loves it Royce!~ I miss you sooo much and sooo happy with this new found Jakun'nees o'yers~ at least you're jakun over big balls and Channel kisses!~ Not like 'us' over accidents and cause more traffic jams for stupid lotto... CRAP!!! I WANNA MOVE THERE TOO!!!!

P/s; me love you long time~;D

chikiposs said...

hello...n welcome to melb! r u at melb uni?-one of de pic sure does look damn familiar!
ur obviously hvg fun...good luck in ur studies! :)