Wednesday, 13 June 2007

My first time trying to vlog (video logging). The new sensation sweeping the nation.And everyone knows how Royce is soo into New things. Royce Loves New Things.(attempt at repetitive advertising).~ Goodness It's difficult lor, so much more work and editing. Usually I just vomit everything onto this page, that's why its boring you Bullshiats! shut up! I'm a very appealing person.
Watch it if you have the balls for it! if you're a girl then let's see if you have the boobs for it!

Cock Wings
I went with Shaza to have a look around Lim COCK wing campus today.Wanted to check out The One's competitor. They have better facilities, cooler students and sweeter air. But the whole atmosphere makes you feel like you're gonna get raped in one of their dark halls soon. It's so ominous with all their staff in black. Like Shaza says "Crapshit! even their cleaners are all in black! what's this going on here? Men in black gonna take my soul!" - she commented as we stared at this instructor in full black suit severely orchestrating his finger everywhere, directed at this poor guy. Both inside the gym! Suit in gym... something new to me. All their lecturers, or maybe they were just students... No difference- everyone's in black anyway, everywhere you look you'd think a coffin will soon come out of its hiding place so we'd understand why everyone's in black. But nope, never got to find out what's going on there. Even when we were drinking their WINGS COFFEE chibai tasting drink, like jasmine tea brewed in a cunt! disgusting! Whatevar--

Crack Hor
When I fetched Shaza back home to her rented apartment, I parked right in front of the lift area- so wonderful to have a kancil, I even mocked the badly spray painted words saying 'PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK' - I was thinking, what the hell is that? Are you threatening me si^fart? but ignored it in a blink. Imagine when I came back down to find that my number plate was smashed! what kind of sien Testicurls smashes number plates! You people are the most uncreative car vandals ever!!! I would get several types of acid to melt the outer layer of your car then paint the mona lisa sucking lim COCK wing on you hood, finally add super glue on the car door handle so your hands get stuck there and gets bloody chopped off when you slam the door on yourself! DNS. Ok Chill Bill--- Anyway, sweetkupo Shaza brought double sided tape, a little creativity added with some laziness~and together we made art-

Past Participant

Before Christle left, Me~Shaz~Juliana and Christle went to Sky Bar together! totally forgotten about it jor till I saw this pics in my phone. Guess who damn perasan go camslut herself only? SieN! somemore all the nice pics in her Slr Cam. Juliana-您真是猪. Btw Luna Bar is so much better than Sky Bar!

New Niue
I found a new online translator, it is called Fun and Free - see I shared good information.~我发现了一个新的网上译者,它叫。 乐趣和释放-看见我分享了好信息。 ( the fun and free part translated a bit salah)

LOLlipop for you my sweets
Long loading wait, but so worth it! Just put on pause till it loads. One of my faves.

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