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Gigglebytes = understanding the dumb Ms Teen USA

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Real name:
Royce = Old English for "Son of a King"
Black Doraemon, Black Rose, Rice, Vagina, Pet pet, Roycie

to my fantasy world

the most difficult question on this list.
High school:
we really should all get High in school.
The One Academy of Communication Design *never graduated! YAY!*
Short or long hair:

Pubic head
Are u a health freak:
Do we have to be freakishly healthy? how does that happen?

Need more. STAT!
Do u have a crush on someone?:

Doesn't Royce always?
Do u like yourself:

I saw Narcissus in the mirror

Its healed
Righty of lefty:
Are we talking bout baseball? cuz I'm a sports idiot

I've never had. If I did, it would involve plastic
Person u see in the morning:

random housemate

I have three important ones. First Place Tug-of-war, First in Class, Best Subject prize for Physical Education. ( I'm like So serious dude!)
Sport u join:


Hate. too much shit all over the place. Petpet

I'll have one when we karaoke together.
First crush:

A family member *gasps*

Of course I am! just put "Always...Eating"

includes vodka, gin, Malibu,Baileys,Rum,cocktails and milk.
Want kids: screw kids! I want their chocolates and youth, plus their share of love received!
Want to get married:

Marriage is for the jealous types who bind their lovers with oaths cuz they have trust issues.
Careers in mind:
Educator, immortal or God. Witch or mermaid are considered too.
Which is better?Lips or eyes?:

I have a great set of both.
Hugs or kisses:

hug a Vagina
Shorter or taller?:

shorter vaginas
Romantic or spontaneous:

"Spontaneous vagina
Sensitive or loud:

loud vagina
Troublemaker or hesitant?:

Troublemade. mischief managed.
Have u ever....Kissed a stranger?:

Madonna : beautiful Stranger
Drank bubbles:
yeap - in champagne
lost glasses/contacts:

omg, is that chu mom!
Ran away frm home:

my piss could reach further than where I ran to
liked someone younger:

AHAHAH, I'm practically a paedophile!
liked someone older:

SICK! old = wrinkly folded skin and saggy ass ancient one/!
Broke someone's heart:

It wasn't made of glass.
Been arrested:
Just bribe la! Stupad!
Cried when someone died:

Yes! the funeral food that was served was soo disappointing!
Do u believe in...Yourself?:

Duh! haven't you heard of the phrase, In God We Trust.

Roycicles! hello! What else happens around me?
is boring! imagine having to smile FOREVER!
Santa Claus:
Is amazing cuz he's not dead from obesity yet!

is natural to me

are vaginaless and penisless. So un-orgasmable
Answer truthfully..Is there someone u want to be with right now?:
truthfully..Is there someone u want to be with right now?:
Do u believe in God?:
Do you believe in ME? hmm?
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