Wednesday, 23 April 2008

in 12 Days

Dear Diary,

I know this sounds totally shameless to announce my birthday like this, but to be fair, I've never ever done it, and look what that got me...barely a handful of presents each birthday. definitely not over ten...sigh,sounds loser.

So people it's on the FOURTH OF MAY! think 4th of july

except much much

This year i've decided to aim high. I want a Mac Book Pro.preferably the 17 inch one

I wouldn't mind the Iphone either.

If these presents fall through, then I hope I can get a fun part-time job so that I get income, have fun and have a "responsible","hardworking" image at the same time.

Dear Diary,do you think it'll be a sad birthday this year? It's my 21st, but i have no idea how to celebrate it. Most would go clubbing which costs a bomb and makes it sooo generic. My birthday cannot be generic!

If I have a small party at my place, not everyone would fit and I'd hate to make ppl feel left out.
this is so annoying.

so I've decided to have two separate birthdays. One clubbing and one a BBQ. on 3rd and 4th May. that way, it should cover most of my important friends.
except for those in Malaysia. sigh, I wonder if they'll even remember>~


calorblind said...

happy bday in advance

ThePinkRabbit said...

of course we remember, u cow!!

i wish i am a rich bitch and can fly over to surprise u!!

miss u like the sun misses it's solar power, royce!!!

-majestra ollie junior-