Thursday, 17 April 2008

Proud of Myself

Word of the day: Roycexpressions (by Gunjan)

Deed of the Day:
I did an online test for Intro to Ad and I copied down as many questions as could for my clueless friends. I feel so kind-hearted and great. Some may find this unethical, I'm not really bothered, but if you are, then at least think on how they'll learn if they feel they have a fighting chance at least.

Creation of the Day:

( Santa Image taken from and breaks no copyright issues)

Roycipe of the Day:

Ideas Of the Day:
  1. I should start a section on this blog or open up a whole new blog for my cooking Recipes - called Roycipes.
  2. I should post up one Advertisement on each blogpost to show that I live and breathe the industry (like Tyra says)
  3. I should take this blog as an employment oppurtunity.

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