Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Royce's Garden - How To Grow Your Own Garlic


Living in a concrete jungle makes us more used to neon signs and plastic items. Sometimes, I feel the sharp lines and harsh borders that make up our cosmopolitan environment gives me mild Claustrophobia. I really miss the ambiance of nature as we move towards modernization.

One nightmare was frightening to me, I was flying in the city, but no matter how high I flew up the glass buildings, the facades wouldn't give way to blue skies but became a blank neon blue screen. I woke up to the realization I need some Nature energy in my life.

If you've got unused garlic in the fridge that seems a bit dried out. Don't throw it, break up the bulb into little cloves and soak that in water.

Being stored in the fridge will trick the Garlic into thinking it was just winter, when you take it out to soak, the temperature change triggers the sprouting process.


DAY 1: Take garlic out of the fridge, skin is removed and garlic cloves broken up and soaked in warm, PURE water (filtered or bottled water is good, tap water is chlorinated which is bad for seeds), leave in warm area to soak for a few days. Seeds do best when only 50% is in water and 50% above surface.


DAY 3: Learnt from YouTubing-Gardeners that CINNAMON POWDER or HONEY are excellent rooting hormones. They have antifungal properties which keeps the cup from stinking and protect seed from infection. Garlic roots quickly proliferated and sprouts reached cup height.


DAY 5: Garlic shoots have reached out of the cup height and roots seem crowded in the plastic cup. Time to transplant the cloves into the ground and hopefully each will turn into a full bulb.


DAY 7: For transplantation into a spacious pot, I got good cheap ones from DAISO and MR. DIY shops. so the roots can establish themselves. Using a mix of peat moss + compost + potting soil. (This is the most successful mix so far for sprouts)

I buried each clove about 2 inches deep into the soil. They have been very happy since and I have not had to tend to the batch at all. Will update with actual pictures soon.

NEXT UPDATE: Garlic Shoots -1 Month Later 

NEXT GARDEN POST: Royce's Home Veggie & Flowerbed Garden Planning

(Royce's Garden Before Landscaping)
I will be sharing my garden design plans using The Sims 3 home builder. The fun links to download some tropical plant skins and other awesome freebies.

I plan to share my own process of learning the gardening skill, doing my part to elevate our global natural environment.

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