Friday, 19 May 2006

La Luna and Lunatic Korean Dramas

Party Hearty,Arty Farty

Omg,I'm just so frucking lazy to blog.You should pay me.

Alrite,I've been putting it off too long,I have a royal duty to you guys to present my life in a neat and fun looking way so that u'll suck it up and think I'm so Fucking interesting.

My Frequent Frucking Outings~

I went with Christle to make up for her birthday.And Made the best decision Of our food-consuming lives! We ordered the dish called

Two Holy grails of chocolate mousse,One warm delectable moist choc cake and One cone-shaped peanut butter and choco ice-cream.Orgasm served on a plate,Pleasure that melts in your mouth,Sweet Ambrosia of the gods. Yes,It was truly a life milestone for me.*ticks on my -to eat b4 i die- list*

Before that,I had gone once with Cynthia,finally getting the coveted seat in the side of the wall.its perfect for suicide attempts and its stylish as well.It's like your sitting in an aquarium and pointing your finger at every single frickin thing.No doubt its beautiful but u'll feel ashamed after your initial performance of how JakunKampungToad-in-the-well you are.Nevertheless it was wunderful as well.

Korean dramas
My mom just got this thick stack of CD's of the korean series-Jewel in the Palace.It's a show about a girl whose life is predestined to suffer as usual in every aspect,her good deeds are always punished and everyone else who is not her friend is a bitch.Except this time,she's a cook in the royal palace.OoohsAAaaahs Royaaaal!.
THe irritating thing is that it never ends! and i can't keep up with my mom who can really sit there for a century to watch it.Plus the show always gets on my nerves,what with all the problems she always faces and people who are so shitty to her!sometimes i feel like kicking all those fugly korean chef-hags with their hair braided to look like a Python coiled on their heads right in the pet pet.
Oh well,I totally gave up on that series and hope that she'll just fall into a boiling pot and be served to the king.It would spare her much pain that way.

No more korean series for me!


nobodyzsweetheart said...

it works :D anyway.. my mother watched that too -_-" i dont get it. she's gone psycho!! i reckon that she could OD herself on them. x_x

nobodyzsweetheart said...

ps. i reckon that when i'm checking your blog on imacs.. expect comments instead of tags :)