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Those are his shoes,NOT HIS MOMS!

Those are his shoes,NOT HIS MOM'S!

AHAHa i just happened upon another wonderfully talented blogger at - He so rules..*nods nods* i wana be able to blog like that too! causing people to be addicted to my very words!BUAHAHA
i stole this little story he wrote.but still, all credit goes to jay of the isorule blog.How come i don't come up with such things?! oh fruck.
These Are MY Shoes, Not Mommy's!

"Dinner time!" Mommy called.

Amber and Heather skipped downstairs.

"No dinner for us, Mommy!" sang the 12-year old twins. "Brad and Chad are coming to pick us up. We're staying at their college dorms tonight!"

"More boyfriends?" Mommy laughed. "Make sure you don't get pregnant this time, you silly girls! I'm not taking you to the clinic again!"

"I'm on The Pill," Amber tittered.

"And I've got a dia... a diaph... I'll ask Chad to cum on my tits,"Heather giggled.

"Good girls," said Mommy, smiling. "Where's Ashton?"

Clunk! Clunk! Clunk!

Their younger brother Ashton came into the kitchen.

"What are you wearing, Ashton?" asked Mommy.

"He's wearing your shoes!" laughed Amber.

"Your sparkly high heeled shoes!" teased Heather.

"They're my shoes!" screamed Ashton. "My sparkly high heeled shoes!"

"Ashton, those are Mommy's shoes, not yours!" said Mommy.

"No! They're mine!" he screamed.

"OK," said Mommy. "You may wear them, but don't tell Daddy."

"I don't care if he knows," said Ashton.

Daddy was still in the office. He usually came home very late. Sometimes he even stayed over at his secretary's house if they had work to do.

"Brad! Chad!" said the girls, as their boyfriends knocked on the door.

"Hello Amber!" said Brad, unhooking Amber's trainer bra.

"Hello Heather!" said Chad, with a hand under Heather's miniskirt.

Mommy shook her head fondly at their antics.

Clunk! Clunk! Clunk!

Ashton came into the room.

"You’re wearing women’s shoes!" shouted Brad.

"Sparkly high heeled women's shoes!" yelled Chad.

Then the two boys messed up his carefully styled hair.

They rubbed his face against the front of their jeans.

They even pulled down his shorts!

"He’s wearing women's underwear too!" Brad whooped.

"Pink lacy underwear!" Chad jeered.

"Oh Ashton," laughed Mommy."You're full of surprises!"

Just then, Tyrone came over as usual. Tyrone was Mommy's fitness instructor and they exercised in Mommy's room every night. Mommy always said that Tyrone really knows how to give her a good long workout.

"Aren't those your Mommy’s panties?" asked Tyrone, looking at Ashton.

"No! They’re my panties!" screamed Ashton.

Mommy just laughed again.

"Oh you can wear them. I'm not wearing any tonight," she said.

"OK, we're going now," said Amber and Heather, and they left, pulling their boyfriends with them.

"Look at those shoes," said Tyrone, still staring at Ashton.

"Yes, aren’t they pretty?" said Ashton, lifting one foot to give him a better look.

'"Aren’t those your Mommy's too?" asked Tyrone.

"No! They’re my shoes!" Ashton screamed again. "Not Mommy's! Mine!"

"Whatever," said Tyrone. "Come on, Tiffany, time to start pumping."

Mommy and Tyrone went to her bedroom for their exercises.

"Dinner's on the table, Ashton. I'll eat, uh, later." she called. Ashton thought it sounded like she was eating already.

After dinner, Ashton saw his neighbours Rico and Chico on their nightly walk to the local park.

Clunk! Clunk! Clunk!

Ashton ran out to see them.

"What pretty shoes you've got on!"Rico gasped.

"Are they your Mommy's?" Chico asked.

"They’re mine!" screamed Ashton. "Why does everyone think they're Mommy's?"

"Well, you look fabulous in them anyway," said Rico.

"You must come for tea again someday," said Chico.

"Wear those shoes," Rico suggested.

"And those panties," Chico added.

"I will!" replied Ashton.

Then he went indoors and went to his room.

And he waited.

An hour later, he heard Tyrone going home.

And he waited.

Soon after that, he heard Mommy going to bed.

And still he waited.

Just as he was falling asleep, he heard the front door opening and closing. He heard someone moving about in the kitchen, then walking up the stairs.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The footsteps stopped outside his door.

Ashton held his breath.

The door opened and Daddy looked in.

"Ashton?” Daddy called softly.

"I'm here, Daddy," said Ashton. "Look at me, Daddy, look at me!"

"I'm looking, I'm looking," Daddy said, laughing. "You look very pretty. I like your pink lacy panties and shiny high heeled shoes."

"Do you really Daddy? They’re mine, Daddy, mine!" said Ashton.

"Of course they are," said Daddy.

And he came into the room.

---The End---


These Are MY Shoes, Not Mommy's! tackles some of the issues faced by today's children in a story that’s warm yet frank and non-judgmental. Young readers join Ashton as he fights domestic prejudice to preserve his individuality, and encounters teenage pregnancy, relationships, abortion, safe sex (including intermammary copulation a.k.a. titfucking), cross-dressing, bullying, adultery, paedophilia, homosexuality, outdoor sex (or cruising) and incest along the way. A happy ending gently drives home the point that while it’s not always easy being different, the rewards are usually worth the effort. Suitable for ages 6 and up.
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