Saturday, 6 May 2006

Girls and Boys, This is Royce

Girls and Boys, This is Royce

Talk about a Roller Coaster life. Well I DID ask for it,I still remember this silent wish i asked of God,and I must say I really got my wish.

I usually edit out lots of stuff from my posts,so there's a whole lot more going on tat u dunno. So gifted with an ambivalent personality. U'll c me go from up to down in lightning flashes.In other words,I'm up again for now...and this girls and boys,is just typically Royce...

Genting Highlands High
After the downer i experienced,Cynthia called me to wish me happy birthday personally. I wanted to just stay home,feel sad and die. but she persuaded me to go up to genting.It was nice of her,she knew my fav place was there. So i just agreed witout realli wanting to..and i'm glad I did,it really made me feel Rick was so kind to fetch us up all the way and paid for lots of stuff. I felt realy really touched. We didn't do much up there except camwhore and window-shop but it definitely made me feel better.It's the friendships like these that i forgot to appreciate while blinded by my selfishness.

A High of another kind
And after that i gave a call to Rachell and...Yes! we struck up a date like we've done so many times in college.Rachell has been a constant companion for me whenever I was lonely,now I realise how much of a bestie she is to me.She's so ready for life that it makes living such an adventure with her.
We met up at ZOUK with our very own baby...little Jack. Jack Daniels we named it.We're so proud of him,of his shiny smooth body to his 40% alcohol content.
Baby Jack...GODLIKE!

we love him.
and after a few quick shots,i knew i had climbed back up to my own cheerful world.And I partied the night away...

I really appreciate all the sms i got that wished me happy birthday.It showed me that there were ppl tat thought of me,and with me...the thought truly counts alot.Now I've learnt to appreciate my friends even more.
Yee Jenn who has been there with me when i felt so alone,even leaving everyone else who was eating at the vegetarian place just to accompany me!
XiaoWen who saved me from getting lost!,
SookEe who taught me french n made me augh,
Eugene for being so open,innocent and sayin hi so many times on msn,
Sabrina being able to accept me as i am,
Peijien for being so sweet all the time n the talk in the car,
Naseeb for supportin the club n inspiring me,
Manda for the times we had,Ahdu,Drewie,Justin,Hoean,Russell and so many more ppl who has helped me out in the time i've known them.I can't quote each experience now cuz this page wuld explode.
My cousin Tim and good fren jono who made me know there was sumone to go to with my problems as well as coloring my life endlessly.
Christle,Jeannette and Sheryl whom I still call even after so many years,each supporting me emotionally more than u would know.
Jonathan and JunYuan, the close guys that greatly affected my life.
omg...i can't go on,there's just so much.i think I'll put a testimonial to each everyday. so...
thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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