Thursday, 27 April 2006

the flawed heart shaped glass

tour guide (old post)

There was an outing with rachell and ejian! including me,this are the ingredients for Rachelle's cocktail of the year~Absolut Seduction.

we went to Midvalley first,To pick up the three penangites and also do some light scanning of the mall.I as the onli real KL-ite guided them around the city.Then we headed to Times Square,braving the horrible traffic jams that was spreaded all over central KL by the butter knife of God. We arrived after the expected wasted time.Wow,rach's fren can realli shop..i guess penangites have some talent in this,for most penangites i know excel in this area.

Flawed(new post)

aiya i feel quite lazy to blog actually,i don't think I'll be feeling like it soon so i'll jus do it now. Well,let me just say that I thought i already experienced my Worst birthday ever few years back when there was an exam so everyone forgot my birthday. But this year definitely tops it,at least till so far. This is because in a very literal sense,nobody came for my so sad to say this that i actually cried over it during realisation. I mean this is so much worse now that i took the time to plan it,set it all up by myself,furthermore it was while I was dealing with my grandfather's death and was at the funeral . Perhaps it just matches the period of mourning.
I was especially hurt when my dad told me to cancel my first i was adamant,wanting to struggle through no matter wat.How can he ask me to cancel my birthday>? i was insulted and shocked.
Sigh...all these made me cry in the end as i felt so flawed.I cried for myself,I think i've always had.This lead me to realise the extent of my selfishness.How i expect so much from others.How i demand so much from a friend,How I am so heartless as to not mourn for my own grandfather! I was instead bothered about my partying...this added to each drop of tear as I felt so disgusted with myself. oh well,sad birthday to me.
Ah kong,I'm sorry for being so heartless.wa bo guai,buay hiau ai luHe's gone now,perhaps to a better place.But i'll never get a chance to talk to him in life again. Everyone,treasure those still around you.

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