Tuesday, 25 April 2006

Holler! its da holidays!

Just Hollaback girl,cuz Its da Holidaze!

yes! A lovely dawn of the holidaze has come.I love the sweet air of freedom and being able to decide wat to do with my time.Use it/or Abuse it

Splashes of fun:
1)Movie date with Yeejenn!

On the last day of school,Me and Yeejenn decided to celebrate by watching a movie!so we went to watch Reincarnation-a jap horreur flick! I was tired as hell due to rushing porject the night b4...so no sleep as usual (I tell u it was really taking a toll on my face!) i even slept thru a little in the cinema.But the show was definitely surprising.I hate predictable horror films and this was NOT one.I like this freakish thing they did with a doll,yep,dolls are always scary-

2)Steamboat dinner and tarot reading with young aunt and frens.

I am the one doing the reading for others of course,and even I was amazed at the accuracy of the cards.But i see tarot cards as a tool for merely laying down our thoughts into clear pictures.then again,perhaps it is part of my talent with precognition.

3)Yum Cha's with friends like jono from redang and newly met friends ONLINE! with jono it was a strange communication as I probed for him to open up his heart,he seemed heartless on the surface,but after i did some digging,i realised he's just a jaded soul. AND! who could ever have thought that you can actually go out with ppl u meet online?! i mean you usually hear tat this kinda stuff ends up in rapes.(lol not tat it'll happen to me) but to actually try it for the first time was interesting.I met this guy on fridae.com and we chatted for awhile till today,he asked if id like to join him for dinner!It was all on impulse so i jus went.even though it wasnt anything spectacular,at least i can say i've tried it. another tick on my Done list.

Finally I've been chatting with some friends lately and i enjoy causing people to open their hearts to me.so i hear lots of inner confessions.its rather fun to me,and fulfilling in a way.
oh and soon im gonna have a beach party! wootz! everyone who reads this is invited! call me for early booking!lolz

I've also got a new job! its called a TRIALING SPECIALIST! sounds cool eh? well its something like a promoter but better paid and more fun! u know those ppl u see in supermarkets who gives out free samples? Im gonna be one of them~ hopefully i'll have stuff left for the customers instead of eating it all.

Oh my ive been caught having fun again..darn paparazzi!
it reads :guests and organisers danced and celebrated the New Year with great exuberance. Published in tropicana's magazine (The Address)

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