Sunday, 16 April 2006

Heavenly Sins..La Fiesta le Sangria

Heavenly Sins

Le Saturday evening was spent with dear Rachellicious la Diva and her friend Natasha.First me n rach actually went to church!In summit hotel,it was rather designerish..its called ACTS church.It felt strange to b in a church again after a year or so.

After that we went CLUBBING! I've really gone wild with my life lately and its a good thing!We hit three main spots and graced them with our presence.clubbin time=10pm to 2.30am

First pit stop: Zouk for the MTV Asia Awards Bangkok 2006 with VJ Denise!

Here we had some drinks and watched VJ Denise host an interesting gameshow where contestants dressed as animation heroes and even belly danced! VJ Denise looks good in real life too.But lights were too bright to take a pic of her.

Pit stop 2: Jalan P.Ramlee for a street party with VJ Joey.G from channel [V]

The street was lined with onlookers watching us party!We did a CONGA LINE! and the funny thing is the camera kept filming me and rachell.then when we looked at the large projection,u can see us smack in the center!then they even did a zoom-in effect so our face was like..BLAH!(huge face on projection screen).Rach said the cameraman loves me cuz he kept directing the camera at us...I wonder if this will come out on Channel [V].The street party was fun for awhile but the music was not hot enough for us..which brings us to

Pit stop 3/Finish Line: Nouvo's Dancefloor with Qbar's DJ

We entered at about 1am to such HOT HOT HOT musique!i mean La Fiesta Sa Sangria!The DJ was a true pro~He blended then sliced and diced the tracks,then recombined it into a delicious dance combo like a master chef!So satisfying to my ears!A perfect finish to a slamming night of clubbing.

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