Saturday, 12 July 2008

Melbourne Zu 1 stop

Wo gen jia ren qu kan dong wu yuan, Hen hau kan, you hen duo mei kan guo de animals. LOL.
GO learn mandarin if you don't understand.

anyway, the day was cold and it was drizzling. I entered the world of animals.
The place they call ZU.
The zoo is right in the middle of the busy city area. The main attraction of this zoo for me was the fact that you can walk right through certain cages and pens to come into direct contact with the Animalsss.

Me and my fav animal in the whole huge Zoo. You'll find out why its my fav later.
The Giraffes and Zebras share pens over here.

The kangaroos use their tails to walk when they don't hop.
to be continued

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