Thursday, 10 July 2008

St Kilda Beetch

Went St Kilda's Beach with this bunch, They're My housemate- Gin's Friend's Friends from Sydney.

^Taken by Teresa*^

^*Taken by Me *^

All of us meant to have breakfast at St Kilda's , We ended up meeting an Hour late at 12pm .
Teresa was so nice, She helped a poor old lady that fell down!
I was busy taking photos still...LOL

and by the time we reached St Kilda's, Mo sai loo. (no more loo)

so we had a yummy lunch instead.
Like Whistler's Mother.

I liked the chair carvings

Great Antipasti at Rococo's^^
After that...

Very cold weather for a beach, I remember that seabreeze was supposed to regulate the temperature of the beach.
Didn't happen here.

Furthermore, the beach sand was rough and dirty, makes me miss Redang's pristine powdered sands SO MUCH.

Chatted with the Vanilla Selection for 30 mins. except Samantha had class so couldn;t chat with her. then At night, had Dinner at Dainty's with Teresa and Teresa's own cousins (Brian and Ben)
then went Brunetti's together.

I wrapped the day up and karaoke'd with Fiona and Anson.

Such busy life! How to find a job and work even a part time job????
Night at 6.10 am. gosh.

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