Wednesday, 9 July 2008

300th post

Yay! I blogged the 300th post, counting from 2004 I think.

This blog is so full of laughs, I'm so gonna enjoy looking back at these records of life.

It's been a very full on activity oriented life ever since Teresa found her way into Melbourne by accident.

There's been lots of eating involved.
(At Ying Thai)
Dunno why in the Wall paintings of Thai restaurant features Malaysian Gasing


Such a greedy fatty

pics released on facebook : the A.A meeting.

A.A = Alcoholics Association.
The Bye bye party for Kevin, the catch up session for the advertisers.

Truth or Dare ?
A Daring Truth?

Congratulations Kevin! LOL

Seeya Kevin, hope you'll be happy in KL, bet Jiad Li's waiting for you.

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