Monday, 7 July 2008

Marina Gasolina

Myra sent me this Ad parody, It is so funny! And the song is an earworm!

She pasted it right on my wall. I think it's what I would imagine a gay high school to be like.
So so funny.

This was a spoof of the original.


I wil also explain a little something about advertising on the Shidio blog which has recently revived.

ANyway, for the rest who just wish to catch up on what's going on from Royce's perspective.

I'm finally back from Suburbia, Doncaster East. - It's been a restful week...too restful.
I sleep like 12+ hours a day! It's like I'm just hibernating all of a sudden!
With my own layer of fat to keep me warm and everything.

Some pics of warm suburbia - A place called Ruffey Park.
Where Dogs roam---and smell each others' butts enthusiastically.

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