Monday, 30 June 2008

Blogging takes too much time

I'm actually having so much fun now,

Me and Teresa and my cousins are all in the suburbs now, I didn't know it could actually be fun out here.

It's late and i just wanted to share my happiness with all.

Three out of four of my subjects' results are confirmed!
1 High Distinctions and 2 Distinctions! OMG, I really didn't think I could get a Distinction for my Intro To Ad subject.

It's an Introduction subject but had the most studying to do WTF. But I'm happy with the results, and the Visual Language should be out soon and I'm expecting a High D for that too!

MommY! PappY! Me veery HappY! I want presents! I worked my ass off so that I can get great results;to get a scholarship ,to get a job;to stay on is Aussie and get a PR, to support you two old folkers ok!

Walauwei, such a san fu ,gau meng life. Anyway, here's some pics.

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