Friday, 27 June 2008


I forgot to take my camera back from Rika's place! TIU!

oh well, what can I do, so tired already, time to sleep over here.

Anyway, Am very proud of the Shidios recent revival! I feel like I should contribute, but haven't had the time to really get down to it.

I should, Show my cousin around, get a job, build my portfolio, concentrate on studies, learn japanese, plan on how to apply PR and lose my fat

so much things to do. and difficult to plan. ALot of things are happening in these short times.

I'm thinking of so many people. -
How are you winson? Are you having fun gunjan? How to put up Ee lynn's pic when my camera is in Rika's place? Did Khun puke blood just now? How's Sam, Shaz and JT dealing with our vanilla selection>? does it still exist? Why is cynthia not here? Will tomoro be fun in Seven?
weird how lives weave in and out of mine. bu I still think dearly of them.

The next thing in my mind is... Has my curse really lifted?

Most people have love flower luck (Tou Fah Wuan) whilst I have (Chau Fah Wuan) Stinky flower luck. Bad love luck. But since my 21st, the curse I put on myself during Form five has finally lifted.

It's really weird to be considered attractive to someone as I never saw myself that way. The sudden surge of attention is definitely making me nervous inside. Guess I'm finally joining the masses.

more pics!

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