Thursday, 26 June 2008

Arrival Departure

On 23rd of June 2008,

Beloved Gunjan left our side to travel around Aussie before heading back to San Jose of California. It will always be a memorable time that she has entered my life and brought warm chocalatey goodness (what she wrote on my wall)

I part with her for now, but I have strong confidence that I will see her again one day, sure Myra said I was an ice queen when I said good bye. but it was a GOOD bye, and not a bad one. We parted on good terms, we could meet each other easily and she has all my blessings on her trip. So no reason to feel sad.

On the same day, My cousin Teresa flew in to Melbourne, fulfilling my prophetic dream of seven years ago. The one where I'd find ultimate happiness on my 21st.

I realise psychic dreams get fulfilled in parts, and not all in one shot. The meaning of the dream is usually not presented scene for scene, but it does give an accurate picture of the overall situation.

Now I must say I'm loving this Dream...~

Now Teresa might consider staying for life! how magical is that ppl?

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JT said...

aww... I miss having you and teresa around...