Sunday, 22 June 2008

Enunciate Wikipedia

Mary Poppins would be most displeased with your behavior Wikipedia, especially with such impertinent claims to teach others how to pronounce words.

Does anyone find this helpful?

Imogen Heap (pronounced /ˈɪmoʊdʒən ˈhiːp/[1]) - From Wikipedia

yeah sure, Imogen Heap = Imoudzen Hi :P

What is this? Hi and an emoticon? Nonsense!
I found this while I was looking up one of my fav artiste - Imoundzen Hi :P hahah
I didn't know she was so popular, always thought she was an under the radar darling. but seems like a third album should be released by Oct! yay!

Sigh, I'm glad The term is officially over for me, the partying has started, but strangely I dislike the sudden drop in activity. I love the feeling of accomplishing stuff, rather than feeling like I have to prepare for days on end before I can achieve anything.

I'm also particularly excited about Teresa's coming here. So thinking about that whilst I prepare for my Falls Creek trip.

It's gonna be my Virgin Snow experience.
(Taken from Deviantart = By ©2008 *FrozenStarRo)

Excited about that... but sad that Gunjan's leaving.

Finally, I've been updating my whole Itunes list.
I hate that all the songs are named wrongly, Some singer's are not even the right one and the whole thing is just Pharquing cluttered.

I need a life assistant. My choices would be:

Winson: Fashion assistant.
Shaza: Housekeeping assistant.
Derrick: Computer and electronics assistant
Fiona : Series and Shows assistant.
Cynthia: my social affairs in Malaysia
Myra: My coursework assistant.

yeah, these are not a list of who I'm close to or not, just who I would hire for what job IF I were a big billionaire.

Watch out people, I expect to be successful. You'll be on my payrole.

My recent adventures:

(BLVD clubbing)

(Out with My Juniors at Taco Bills...playing Truth Dare Or Dare)
Save Now

Then we went clubbing
(Random Ass stuff at THE FIX)


Zeus said...

oh..haven't been to ur blog in ages. About the being a virgin part...well...WE'RE STILL YOUNG! And am proud to know that u wouldn;t succumb to peer pressure. Take ur time. Hahahah. Well...I'M STILL A VIRGIN TOO!! WEE HEE!! Physically...not mentally. HAHAHA!

derrickflc said...

don't blame poor wikipedia for you not knowing how to read phonetics okay. blame your english teacher, or your classmate who was distracting you from the phonetics lesson. ːp