Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Just a quick snippet.

Three days till my exam. I've actually switched off my phone so that I dont get distracted.
Am actually feeling proud and serious with this exam.

It really feels so different when I compare it to my high school days. With just one subject that I'm interested it, I really enjoy studying for it! ahaha I know, strange things. the world has gone into shock.

One more thing. My last post is not out of bitterness. Just that I've usually felt like I should be embarrassed of being a virgin. So I had to loudly profess such an achievement. ahaha.

I agree with Shaz in her comment. I usually listen to those who speak about sex to me...which happens a LOT...oddly.

Even back in college, my lecturers ended up asking me to do projects that have sexual innuendos.

Am I that sexual? Roysexual I guess.

Till the exams are over...

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Alexa-Star a.k.a. Shaza said...

Hey Roycie!~ Good Luck k?!~ is it philosophy? *Heheh!*
You know what, I recently purchased and watched this indie movie called 'FatGIRLS' it's really interesting to watch. Look out for it if your interested~ It's about a small town teen who's looking out for his inner -self and be done with people who just too uptight about life-culture(s) in the 21st century~ :)

xoxo Shaz