Friday, 13 October 2006


MC: Master of Ceremony/Mistress Cheesepie

Events that occur around me happen at such blinding speed that sometimes I feel more like a crippled child trying to catch up with my own life.

For the Midautumn Lantern Festival-I was MC Master of Ceremony along with Ellaine for my college's celebration.
*images stolen from Kah Peng*

There were lots of entertaining presentations for everyone. This is the legendary Chang Er (moon princess) giving away free mooncake

Im even becoming one of the sailormoons and serving the Shidio gang some mooncakes,straight from the moon.

Then we pigged out

And everyone knows that I'm such a helpful person.I even agreed to dress up as an AUNTIE to help act for a friends video project!
Meet Auntie Cheesepie in the brand new show...

*start* Mistress Cheesepie was walking down da street singing "doo wah di di,di di dum di di do" and she got ROBBED!


So eventhough she received no help,the thought of her precsssious made her run to catch up with the thief

But he held the prada,which meant he had amazing Miuccia Prada Strength,n shoved her to the ground.

And without her precious Prada.Mistress Cheesepie died.

The moral of the story is that we should never die so unstylishly.

And Fiona's Bday Party!
*stolen from Tim's blog*

This was the third or fourth surprise party in a Karaoke for the year.Joanne wanted to surprise Fiona first but asking a good looking manager to give Fiona a bouquet of flowers.She wanted him to walk up to her and say "leng lui! these flowers are for you." wink and smile. Joanne pointed at Fiona from far and asked him to give the bouquet to her.

Later He returns and holds the door open for her entrance,we get ready to shout surprise and in pops...another lady who worked there.she was holding the bouquet...Omg we told the guy tat he actually gave THE WRONG GIRL!so sad n shameful.That poor lady. Probably expected a secret admirer or something.

After that The real Fiona came and we had a blast.had a yummy buffet where i had like 6 or 7 plates of shashimi!happy!

Spoilt Stuff
Does it not suck when things don't go right?
Well plans for the supposed Hong Kong trip are cancelled thanks to my evil scheming greedy aunt.And I was soooo looking forward to stay with Fiona in Hong Kong.grrr.

My phone's CPU has gone haywire,as a result i had to send it for reformatting and everything in the phone memory is GONE!Therefore I've lost so many numbers that I feel like i have to start my social life all over again.

Maison Madness
On one of these Thursdays,Me Cynthia and Fiona went to Maison together for a nite of fun...which ended up...BLah..

It started out lame but at twelve,people started to appear (Never come to a club before twelve! that would be too cinderella-like).We each had a Graveyard and Fiona met some ppl who got us free alcohol! After that..erm,lets just say Fiona and Cynthia would kill me and then Die of shame if i told you what lets just leave it a drunken mystery.

Project whack

My future life is gonna be a weird party of odd sleeping hours and rush work.
I had to stay over at Jun Tseng's house to finish up the project n think of a Pharquing tagline! what tagline would have family,bags,and the public library all tied into one,does not exceed 6 or 7 words and is warm n touching? die la u!
Me and Samantha,not in the best of moods.


Anonymous said...

I should digg your post so other folks are able to see it, very helpful, I had a hard time finding the results searching on the web, thanks.

- Norman

Royce Tan said...

Thanks for that, but what was so helpful about this post? it was more of a personal rant and report.

Royce Tan said...

Thanks for that, but what was so helpful about this post? it was more of a personal rant and report.