Wednesday, 4 October 2006

World Knowledge

World Knowledge

Yes I shall tell you all I know about the current world..which is very limited considering that I don't read newspapers.But I shall tell you about my views on what's been going on.

OK I've always wanted to be a SUM PAT reporter,butting into everyone's business.Let's start with the little hometown of mine-The Megalopolis KL.Kuala Lumpur "meaning muddy estuary".glad to know we live in a shit infested mud city.

HAve you noticed that there are lots of roadworks lately? well it's because the authorities are changing the pipes. - 'in Malaysia, some 40% of treated water is lost before reaching homes because of leaky pipes, broken mains and illegal diversion. The fouling of rivers that form the backbone of KL's supply is the primary culprit.'-ASIANOW

Great to know that right? what about this -'management guru Peter Drucker once asserted that Malaysia was "committed to building the world's most disagreeable city. They're building megalomaniac skyscrapers, the biggest mosque, and the biggest traffic jams." -ASIANOW.

so true lo! I honestly hate to drive.Period!.The stupid traffic jams is such a great sleep inducer! I can't tell you how many times I've nearly killed myself and all not-so-innocent drivers around me with my half-sleeping driving.

You know what else I hate? The cheese pie people who stop to look at accidents.WHAT"S THIS! ninkupau la you just stop and stare.It's not like there's a naked pet pet inside there posing after her car has just been crushed like a can! why can't we all just dutifully ignore the biatch and get on with life! And FORGET THAT CAR NUMBER! how lucky is it that the car just got DISSTROYED?! buy the number la! you will jus get squashed like Final Destination 1 2 AND 3!

ok now the food section= Great Reccomendations by da Lovlay Fiona
CURRY MEE at OUG. this shop is just behind the BHP (or was it petronas station?) near Steven's Corner. very yummy curry mee! I love it cuz it has lots of chicken meat and thick santan filled curry sauce.LOVE IT.

*note:picture totally differs from actual thing.but this is all glowing..ooh

Butter sauce chicken rice at 2046 in Taman Desa
aiya this one im not too sure bout location and all that. dun even have illustration....But isn't it great to know that such a lovlay thing exists?
, +
Butter plus chicken rice.happy!

What to do in Kuala Lumpur when u've got lots of time and only 3 classes per week?
well,I've just wondered what special unique things I can do with free time BESIDES being Fugly stressing over college work!so i've just came up with a few things that might be intersting other than eat,shop and club

1.Picnic at the lake gardens!
2.Fishing in the Klang river..BUAHAHAHA
3.Have dinner at the top of KL tower to the seaside and watch turtle lay eggs.
5.GO KLPAC and watch a play
6.Play board games at settlers. (its not closing down yet btw)
7.get a job la. *for me..well.too lazy
8.go up to frasier's hill,cameron or genting to feel cold.
9.CAMWHORING model shoot.we suld bring all types of clothes and go gallivanting with a camera
10.go choose a gravesite for yourself and let you parents know.WAHHAAW.

ok,finally got the urge outta my system.thanx for reading you siau cheese pies.Sayonara Au revoir.

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