Saturday, 23 September 2006

Catching Up,Spliting up

Catching Up Since KK,Spliting up the words
OMG,damn busy since KK lo, so got lots to talk about..let me make this post interesting by spliting my personalities this time. Violent Violet for Jewel and Growing Green for Emerald

Jewel Says

LOVE it!! i'm just back today from Liquid feeling high from the most fun I've had in...WEEKS! so many things i've done lately that I can't even describe! I'm getting booked twenty four seven man! i dun even hav time to sleep!.Ok chill.
Since coming back from KK,I went straight to college and then outing with Cynthia liau,so sweet of her to pui me tat day. Ok lately i've been hanging out with Fiona the most,see her more than my parents! siau pet pet.I even talk sooo much like her now.ok lets break and look at some photos!watever,supposed to photoshop them but no time.

Pics of Kota Kinabalu!

tallest building in the whole of SABAH!

LOL maybe six or seven street lamps tall only! so sad.

but the inside was nice.

A date with Sheryl

my new signature look.Tilt 45 dgrees away from cam,the eye furthest from cam winks,wide jaw dropping & slimming.wahahaa

Ok these were just some random camwhoring and sooo much more stuff tat i didn't bother to take pics of.I've recently met so many ppl tat i can't even keep track of their names (sigh why do i suck with names...bad memory amnesiac ass).And the down side is that my mom is complainin tat I treat the house like a hotel. (oh well I do after all live in Damansara Indah RESORT HOMES ma) -so happy happy only lo. but I'm really thankful for the freedom la.THANX PAPA and MAMA LAYCHI,if u evar read this blog which i hope u nevar will.Shart!

Aiya got so much more coming up,plans with Fiona,Cynthia,helping out The Digi groups,Doing projects with Shidio,have to plan a SUDDEN future holiday to any country i want! (all expenses paid!!!AAAAAH! PHARQUE!) aiya loves it MAxima.Till next time then,Hate me cuz ya love Bree Van de Kamp said "the opposite of love is not hate,its indifference.

Emerald says

Since the whole depressive episode,i've definitely changed a part of me.It hurt me severely but I think it's thought me how to be a stronger person emotionally.But even though I cracked under the pressure,I mended myself to become someone who can handle greater pressure.I'm really glad that I was given a strong soul,I seriously think many would have considered suicide.But I somehow knew everything would be better,I really have to thank Jewel for being there to deal with the trouble,she completely took over when i crashed.

Thanx to the chicken soup for the teenage soul I've been reading,I realised that i've truly adopted many principles from the book. I particularly like one that asks life's most important questions.this is how it goes.

this is one of the most important question of all,who you are.take time to discover yourself.I've come a long way from the days when I was practically mute and afraid of my own feelings.I've come to recognise the two personalities tat reside within me.I'm a person who is now open and honest,willing to change and grow.I now know that my own feelings is in my hands and that no one should be allowed the power to make me feel otherwise.If you choose to insult me,I can also choose not to take offense,rendering your insult useless.I can also choose to give ppl happiness,to give up my pride for the sake of others.But most of all,that I am my own person.

What is my passion? should be a question you ask constantly.If you have something tat can keep you going in the lowest of times,that's a treasure!For me,it was the joy of connecting with someone,understanding them and helping each other see from a different point of view.That is why I talk alot to people when I'm down.So keeping your passion at hand is a shield against the troubles of life.

Is something I haven;t quite mastered but only in terms of time-management. But besides tat,i've come to understand the benefits of living in the NOW.If you think about it,those who constantly plan their future will never get to enjoy their current surroundings because there's always a future for you to will continue planning til the day you die,and your life is over.of course you do not just give up on everything,You need a direction to go and then just go towards it.don't worry about the way to get there,it comes naturally.Those who live in the past can never change it,the past is done,it is the present direction tat matters most.

Do not fear anywhere you go for if you keep your family and people you care about in your heart,your home will be wherever you go.People all around the world are basically the same but just doing things differently.Like one person who loves *Toe-Mah-Toes,and one who loves *'s still the same fruit (yes Tomatoes are under the same group as cherries and not under vegetables).So wherever you are,if you accept others first then they shall accept you too.The World is your home.

I love this question because it's the very essence of all challenge.Every artist and scientist will ask this.Picasso:Why can't I paint the way I feel about something instead of its true appearance?. Einstein:Why is the rocket travelling away from the earth?Why can't I say that the earth is travelling away from the rocket,and the theory of relativity was born.So challenge yourself daily by asking..Why can't I?

This is the one where you have to customise it for yourself,no one walks the exact same path.You have to find all these answers in your own special way.All I can say is good luck on your search and that I shall be there to support you.

Love Emerald :)

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