Friday, 22 September 2006

New dawn

New Dawn

This post is dedicated to those who were there for me.I'm so Glad to announce that all my depression and watever-ness ended on Monday,and I've been pretty much enjoying life since then,so don't worry so much guys (remember,this is addressed to those who actually worried about me)

Ways To Cure A Disturbed Heart

1.I seriously appreciated the long life-affirming talks.I find it a great stress reliever to talk it out.

2.another Tip is to LISTEN to music alot! so an mp3 player is a good investment.

3.Turn your life into a joke.SERIOUSLY! laughing makes problems seem lighter.Like if a teacher is mean,just say tat her pet pet is constipated and her period was held inside till it reached the brain.

4.Do things you enjoy,be it painting, a hobby or just simple relaxation

5.Go on a vacation, u feel faraway from problems and it cheers u up


I am so busy hanging out that I haven't even got time to post up the Kinabalu trip,(YES some of you clueless people.I went to Kota Kinabalu already and I'm Back)

I'd like to thank Fiona Woo-Hoo for keeping company thru this hard times.And Tim for the *gulp* Two hour conversation when im in KK and ur in KL! Thanx Samantha Tan for making me laugh.Thanx Jono,Cynthia and Jeannette for checking on me to see If I was ok. Even Ashlei and May and the whole Shidio gang that sat down to listen to me rant that time! thanx so much for that.It really meant a lot to me that I saw someone cared.It was from tat caring power that I drew on that got me out of my sucky moods.Really feels good to know that I'm not alone.

Will post about other stuff another time,I'm just wanting to enjoy and appreciate whats around me now than blog so much.And for those who are in need,dun b afraid to call me n ask me for help,I will pass on what compassion was given to me.spread love. lol~

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