Monday, 16 June 2008

I Am A Virgin.

I can practically feel the judging eyes staring at me now. A virgin? at 21? in the new millenium?
... wait a minute...
and we're talking about Royce here!

yeah, My closer friends would already know this. But sometimes even I surprise myself.
I'm pretty sure even my sister, though five years younger, has more experience in the sexual department.

OMG, can't believe I said that. But that's what I'd expect from a girl who invited a bunch of her girl friends to watch Eurotrip - Porn disguised as a movie - for her Thirteenth birthday.

Discovering attraction at six and watching my first 18sx show at seven, (thanks grandma). I actually had an early head start on the knowledge of that area.

However. Through life-long teaching of Christian abstinence from fornication- sex before marriage- ,Adultery, avoidance of sexual topics at any time or place except when marriage is involved. It made me think that sex is disgusting and a bad thing.
Man, they even talk about sex in the most unsexual and boring way possible.

I just came to believe that your virginity is something precious to hold on to, and even though surrounded by 90 percent of people who have already done it. I'm proud of myself that I have not succumbed to any temptations from...not so virginal creatures.

My three big NO-NOs are Sex, Drugs and Cigarettes.

It's funny how I thought being a virgin would be easy, as I am able to just say no to sex. However,the things that annoys me is when people talk about it, and all I can usually do is feel shy and just listen.

It doesn't tempt me to want to go do it just to be accepted. My friends are good people that don't pressure me.
I personally get annoyed that there's some part of life stage I have not even gone near whilst the rest are like, freaking professionals. Some are even discussing their plans of having a family of their own already; and I can't help but feel a little left behind.

The worst part is when I do reveal I'm a virgin, as it's not a secret for me (I'm not embarrassed of it as I consider it an accomplishment )
I just want them stop acting so shocked and disbelieving. even worse, make me feel like I should be embarrassed about it!

So what? I chose not to have sex, and you chose to. then? - don't judge me
To the virgins out there, Don't be pressured into losing your virginity for the sake of fitting into the social norms.
To the experienced, It's great that you have made love to someone you DO love.

like someone said:

" I always hated virgins
Till I realised
I wanted to be your first."
- ~ladygekko (found during a search on Deviantart)

Virgins do exist people.
And I shall remain so till I find someone worthy to give it too.

Still wrapped.
The 21-Year-Old-Virgin,

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Alexa-Star a.k.a. Shaza said...

Hey Royce?!~ Ouuww!~
I know this sounded weird, but,
my advice to you when people starts talking about sex when your around and stuff and you just don't know what to do, kind off feeling uneasy and stuff, of so, all you have to do is to [EMBRACED IT!] I honestly say, I am [A VIRGIN] and I am not implicating any labels or emotions about being one it's beside the facts that I am one. It's a lot easies to learn from these people that they probably have much to say about their experience, but the question is, 'what kind of experiences' do they really get from them, and for their first time doing it, how many of them are lucky enough to have a great memorable first than you who have the opportunity to learn from their mis-haves? Hmm?~ ;)
Hehe!~ Yeah!~ your have no reason to feel blue because I honestly don't think it's unnatural to be a virgin unless your in your 40's... :P
All I have to say to them, if they asked; "Naww I just haven't met the [right GUY -same preff. *LOLz!*] that's all. so how was yours?~ Hmmm???? Was it great???" - And smiled~

p/s; it's also because I'm planning to give it away to someone who got the ballz to commit to me to earn 'that' baby! YEAH!!

'Wanna be on TOP? GOT BALLZ?'

-The End-