Friday, 13 June 2008

Friday the thirteenth

The name of a horror movie. Some say the unlucky day...

Truly unfortunate for me it's the day my passive powers activated.

My fate bending abilities brought me both the worst and best news today.
It's amazing how they all came colliding within a few hours .

Cynthia is back in KL since her surgery and thankfully recovered. She reported a really annoying news, that someone talked about me. It wasn't the words he said that hurt me, it was what it implied.

To think that you thought you knew someone for so many years and to have them question your identity after all that is not an insult enough.Then he goes asking Cynthia to try "FIXING IT"?!
what am I now? an ERROR?

Then , upset from this, I realized I haven't really settled things with him. While brooding about it, my Aunt calls me to tell me that my mom..... has done something that shocked me so so much!
OMG people,...I really have no idea what is going on but I think what my mom did is Illogical and wrong!. haih as if that's not enough. What she did is considered ILLEGAL! enough said.

Then I call Teresa, who tells me she's suddenly coming here. fulfilling my psychic dream I had 7 years ago. And to think that her visa was suddenly denied because the clerk had lost her passport...I think is no coincidence. Suddenly, she was invited to come to Melbourne by my uncle...and she'll be arriving right on the day I leave for Skiing Trip in Falls Creek! . Man,coincidence much>? I want her to join that trip too though...

While chatting to her, she gets a letter saying they'd consider her appeal, and suddenly she might not come again. PHARQER!


I was so disappointed. Then I get messaged by Winson, and I poured my heart out. Then he calls me on the phone from Msia and we go on for hours on the phone!
oh my gourd, feel so loved . I just rambled everything out and felt LOADS better.
Plus, the happiest secret came from there. Now... I'm perfectly happy again .
but oh so exhausted.

Drama rama...seriously

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