Thursday, 12 June 2008



OBESITY = A condition that Royce gets to/ aspires to be with the use of chocolates, Steaks and cocktails during the winter holidays.

After reading Cynthia's juicy email. I love it. I miss the days when I write from raw emotion.

These days, for fear of my own privacy and being in the public eye. I've lost my bravery in saying what I want.

I say Pharque that! such uterus things!
Let no one censor my words.

I miss cynthia terribly. And to think that she will be staying alone soon. Kinda feel like staying with her. I could totally do the whole Will & Grace thing with her. so fun.
I also miss Shaza and Sam alot. ...
The simple times where we just feel giggly and do lame things like "Vanilla Selection"
going to "Sakai Sushi" and then playing with plasticine dolls....

Ok so it didn't really happen.. but I can sooo imagine us doing those things.

I Am Self-Centred.

So I hope to change that a little. Think of people more... wonder about their existence at least. therefore verifying the meaning of their life.

I'm so Deep. BOOYA!

ps. not that I don't care about you other guys, just that I'm particularly missing these people now. I do wonder about others you know.
Like , what is Naf Naf doing now? does Jimbo still like Natalie?
What the pharque is Ark Quin up to ?
And what was his mother thinking when she named him?

yeah important questions of life.


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Alexa-Star a.k.a. Shaza said...

I'm doing okay Royce, gowsh, you know what? Being part of a fictional cast in Star-track don't sound that bad right now when I can always beam myself where ever you're at and just pharquing around with ya day in and day out, wearing those tight leotards, don't mind it at all, really~ :)
Hey, eat when you have too, remember I love you always, most of us do. Don't find answers in food, just remember why we love you for and that's your wonderful, energy and strength to pull yourself out in any shit-hole you went through, k Royserene? ;)
Will love you always, your lesser-asshole Shaz~ XD *LOLz!!~*