Sunday, 13 July 2008

Melbourne Zu Stop 2

Sorry it took so long, Suburbian internet SUCK-COTASHES!

This caused my timetable for the next term to be Pharq-tified! And to think, I was ever so prepared. I forced cousin Teresa to stay up with me with the help of downloaded TVB series, to the crack of dawn 6A.M

I had Two computers on the line, and ready to select the tutes that I wanted.

5.50am : (Man I need to pee, But I can't leave now, the system is about to go on)

5.55 am : "Teresa, I've loaded the pages , You handle Client Management and ICP, I'll do the rest."

5:57am : Both of us starts reloading the multiple pages furiously

6:00am : "Teresa, is anything loading?"
Teresa :"No, nothing loading! dunno why..oh wait! something's loaded!"
"Quick quick click it! or we'l be too late!"

6:02am :Teresa looks at me "it says site is overloaded...can't access"

6:03am : "GYAAAAAH!!!! the tute is full jor! Siau Ji bai!"

6:08am : (Rachell calls me) "Roycie, I'm done already, how bout you?"
Me :" NOO!O rachie, I can't load anything! everything is failing! I can't believe this!"
Rach :" Aww, don't worry I'll help you login and add the tutes."
Me :" aww god bless you rach .!" (actual conversation may differ greatly)

7:00am : (2 tutes upside down, 1 tute unable to timetable it ) whatever RmiT jibai, not having a well timetabled term.

ANYWAY back to the tour.
That's the other symbol of Australia, the Emu

Beautiful Plumage!
Blue-Billed Duck!

Or is it a Kookaburra?
Uh-oH! who cut open the cage?

A Gorilla and his Dung ,great friends.
Aww, Like Ah Ma, feeling cold.

Cruella De Vil's Reincarnation.. with a plush shawl still.
My Fav
Running all over the Zoo, such freedom.
Aww Koala eating eucalyptus leaves.

LooK! so cute! he's smiling in a cute pose.
Look closely and you can see a baby in the pouch.
From My familee and Me, We thank you for joining us on the tour of Melbourne Zu.

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