Saturday, 20 May 2006

wine and dine.Double dating's fine.

Wine and Dine~~Double-Dating's fine.

TOday after a light exercise with jono,I went to Tropicana for a wine-maker's nite dinner.

Getting to meet up with Jono was like it was cursed! first I missed his call jus cuz i went downstairs for awhile,then when i wanted to return his call,I couldn't reach him.when we went to gym together,I went to a TOTALLY WRONG AREA which i thought was his house,then i went to the TOTALLY WRONG BUILDING where the gym wasnt located.And when i managed to reach him,we onli had 20 mins together n he had to go off...SSSSSHREK!

Wine&DIne =Wine-maker's dinner (wine-making = I taught my sister to say this instead of shouting "My period is here! pet pet sauce flowing!")

It was truly a great meal to mollify me after the gym.Soft serenades played as I savored my dish of gorgeous white cod fillet with sun dried tomatoes,the sauce was made of heavenly butter!so rich and smooth! then came the Charbroiled NewZealand Steak with mint pesto & Japanese Curry potato.Gently finished with a Passion Fruit & Black Sesame ice-cream drizzled with Butter Scotch Caramel.
MMMmmm~ all these were accompanied with Chardonnay wine.It was such a tango of flavors on my tongue,I loved the complex yet complimentary combinations for this meal.

Double Dating's Fine (details could be fictional due to author's mental instability and love for alcohol)

On tuesday,I Double-dated Cynthia and Rach to go to some colleges cuz i'm having second thoughts on my major and Life decisions!(see! dates dun have to be expensive) Then ended up in One utama to watch a movie -Failure to launch

I booked the whole cinema just for them! Now that's how you treat a lady...or in my case..Ladies.

Then I brought them to Secret Recipe for some sweet cakes,(girls just can't resist a guy with a sweet tooth and jelly belly like me) I was so kind that I helped them to lose weight by eating their share too.(well some at least)

I really paid for their slices too! Rach admits it in her blog too.But this is once in a purple moon ok guys,so dun b expecting meals from me.

Rach and Cyn were very sweet throughout our dates.So much tat i felt like a fool. ~torn between two lovers,feeling like a fool~ But everything works out fine,My two darlings are still loyal and happy ending for this date.

Even God loves us,You should too!

La Maison

Me,E-jian and Rachie went to Club Maison the next nite along with another load of Penangites,feels like im getting so acquainted with most of rach's frens.They'll probably remember me as the tour guide of KL.

The nite seemed a blur since i got FloopY! really fast thanx to baby Jack and Baby Scotch.Me and Rach's two bastard and intensely alcoholic children.There were very good DJ's spinning and beats that made me go SOLO on the dancefloor,but soon rach n ejian joined me and we subsequently started the party AGAIN.I think me and Rach truly deserve the title "PartySparker"Gr8t Nite! And i still managed to wake up the next morning to do Orientation.THank god i;m immune to hangovers.

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rachell said...

LOL! the post bout the date made me laugh ma fuckin fabulous ass off! loves it~