Friday, 26 May 2006

I bend the very nature of Chance itself!~

I bend the very nature of Chance itself!~
~Coincidental?I think not.~

Yes ppl,I have discovered a mysterious talent about myself. I bend chance around me.I am not clear about it yet but jus listen to the evidence.The past few days seemed to have triggered my talent to INTENSE mode~,Ever since I changed my major to advertising
As a result,I am now coincidentally classmates again with Juliana and Amanda who are in seperate terms btw.So im in a strange course-Limbo now.
Mr Lanjiau
On tuesday night I chatted with a guy from US named Lanjiau* (name has been changed out of spite,aha!).We chatted great,he was nice up till I accidentally pressed the webcam button to invite him for a video chat.
I tried to cancel it but he asked "is anyone at home wit u now?".I auto-assumed that he wanted to perform some X-rated stuff that i shall not mention incase kids are here.(remember kids~ watch porn,then u'll understan it.)
I asked "u mean ur gonna put on a show for me?"
Immediately I triggered a hellmouth from him,he abused me with words.
Lanjiau: "How dare you!U think I wuld put on a show for sumone who talks like u and looks like you? DOn't you dare think so lowly of me!"
I was so deeply offended but was so nice to him,but he insisted on not talking so i obliged.Later I found out that this guy i coincidentally met,happens to know jono,and HATES JONO"S GUTS! he treated me so assholishly becuz he happened to read my blog and saw the coincidental first post where i mentioned jono.Anyway I then coincidentally deleted him and blocked him!.HURRAH!
Fakira and Kind Pranksters
On wednesday,I met up with Fakira* (name has been changed to protect the innocent) at One utama.I parked my CLK=cute little kancil on top of a curb blocking no one,I was appreciating tat only my car has the ability to park in such places.I even took a photo of its stylish parking pose.My dear goldie the kancil.(named by my sister)

Then went to meet FAkira.While I was with her,she had SUCH boyfren trouble! I hate it,this always seems to happen around me.Like Winnie* (name changed for fun) who always has fights till she cries,sum of u may remember the Kim Gary scenario.Oh mah gawd^Oprah style^,such bullshiats i have to deal with.ANYWAY
When I left to go back to my parked car,I realised.I forgot to lock my car!..AGAIN. I tiptoed towards my car and peeked into it.(ok,air Kon doll is there,Sunglasses there,bags still problem then..woohoo) then i hopped into my CLK n drove off.
Then I noticed my world was warped.Goldie was tilted like the leaning tower of PISA!WAT THE Fakira!!I stopped to check and found,Two flat tires on one side!!omg,did sumone slash my tyres?I quickly called my dad who brought a staff with him to save the day.Went to fix it and was not slashed..SUMONE had removed the caps of the air valve,took the time to find a tiny pebble tat wuld fit,stuffed it in the cap and screwed it back on.
As chance and my new ability would have it,I had met THE KINDEST PRANKSTERS/VANDALS ever!They culd have stolen my car n slashed my tyres n taken my stuff. but of course not!they were ppl with high moral values~ they wuld onli inflict the tiniest inconvenience on me.

My secondary schoolmate is gay!he is my classmates' brother!
Only the first part was a discovery,the latter was jus a statement.I found out while checking and found..his profile!So shocking cuz its so totally unexpected! he was so straight-ish in school. well his profile sed~ Bi but thats just a nicer way of saying GAY~.I feel so tempted to tell his brother just to see the havoc i wuld wreak.BUAHAHA.

Bubbly Bargaining and X-men 3-is my Freebie
ME and rach went Amcorp mall camera hunting,I bargained with the shopkeeper.WOW!
Rach looks at camera: "uncle can u give it cheaper?"
Cheeky SHopkeeper:"Aiyo,this price very cheap aredi,Very new quality,"

Rach : "can't be cheaper?"

Frowning,deep thinking Shopkeeper: "ok ok,less forty,see this is..... mint condition" (smiles and feels proud of himself for using a big word)

Pleading Me: "But we are students,We dont earn money yet"

I'm-not-falling-for-tat-cheap-trick Shopkeeper: "haha,let me check (goes at the back and pretends to flip some papers) aiya its the best price liau."

Unhappy-that-cheap-trick-failed Me: "ok then throw in a roll of film."

Hmm-this-is-better-than-nothing Shopkeeper: "okla okla."

WOW i felt so proud of me n rach for bein able to bargain for we are such City dwellers,used to getting a bargain onli at the nearest store wit a large 70% plastered on the window.perhaps it was my talent...We rewarded ourselves with yummy Thai Laksa!

THen when me n rach each bought a necklace worth 20 sumtin.rach paid for her's already and when it came to me,the owner jus asked for 5 bucks!My magic was working again..I asked her "r u sure?" she even did sum strange calculations to edify herself.I was satified with the discount n left.But it seems my magic fades witout my presence cuz she then chased after us in 5 mins apologising profusely.Oh was still worth the rest of the price...
Then i went for class with the junior class and after class we watched |||X men 3.But Juliana forgot to buy only MY ticket! it was my magic working again.BUt it also helped me get in for free!!!yes i managed to jus walk right into the cinema,well mebe cuz its a big group but still. I was worried that sumone would claim their seat.we sat like this>

Every person that walk in the cinema made me worried,even a new fren was worried for me.But my magic kicked in,No one claimed the fact even the few front rows were taken up but my optimum good seat was left alone! That's sooo plush!even my new junior classmates said i was lucky.

I live a charmed life...LITERALLY!

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