Friday, 9 June 2006


Oh Toadstools!
and of course this post has nothing to do with fungus growth~its just sumtin i saw that I thought didn't exist in our Mal-functioning Mal-asia.

THere's been so much goin on since my last post that im not even gonna put it in detail. I danced in ZOUK for this Levi's event and I was SOOO good that they demanded an Encore! Even the cleaners congratulated me.Then I went for a few movies,shopping outing with rachell,Car broke down a few times,Outing with Tim,CLubbing,Karaoke,and watching a play too!

Close brush with Police
Ok one interesting incident was when i just went to One Utama (the nearby land of joyful money spending).I went to recover a plush pair of Zara Jeans for Jono.He thought he lost it in Starbucks,Surely sumbody wuld steal a luscious pair of BRANDED jeans!i mean come on ppl. its ZARA! thats like printing (THIS THING IS EXPENSIVE!) all over the packaging.

Thank Great Royce that the bag was still in Starbucks.The Baristas handed the paper bag to me and I gushed in glee.*GUSH*
~~~~~In the car~~~ I was heading to Jono to meet up with him to go for the play -The Fastest Clock In The Universe.(find out more at Jasiminne's blog). I wanted it to be a surprise for Jono,so when he called I picked up my handphone.
I always use my handphone in the car.Laws are more of a suggestion to me.
I pretended I was busy and shouted "I CAN"T ANSWER NOW! DRIVING!" (hahah as if mere driving can stop me from chatting!some of my best chats were done driving).I then put down my phone on the seat thinking what a surprise i shall spring on Jono...And a police car passed rite beside me...OH MA GAWD (oprah style) Talk about coincidental Luck.

Thank The Divine Royce for my magickal talent.

Clubbing with Tim

Me Tim Jono and fiona went to Poppy,the very CROWDED R&B club.It was a fairly nice place if onli i culd breathe between the boobs and asses that were shoving everywhere.The Dj was not very original with the musique but i culd hardly care less.Tim got sooo pissy cuz he culdn't find Jono n Fiona.Lately he's getting sooo EMo.I've not seen him like tat b4 n frankly its hard to tolerate sumtimes.But he is my cousin so I can forgive him and try to understand.Anyway we came out and saw this guy
Sleeping In His Own Vomit
See Children,This is why you should let me drink the alcohol and u can go take viagra or sumtin.This is what happens to sumone who can't hold their alcohol.Its the highest form of FUGLINESS! what a retarded pose!I think he even pissed himself!

Have you ever typed your name in a search engine?
well I just did.839,000 results for Royce Tan in 0.13 sec and of course the usual barrage of HIGH class housewares and cars that costs ur soul were listed out.Sigh there are all sorts of ROyce's that u can buy.Till I came upon a story with ME as the characther! here's an extract

(taken from STORY WITH ROYCE IN IT )
Royce sighed as he stripped off his riding gear, draping the garments across a chair while he flopped down on his bed. His father had thrown at least three more girls at him today, hoping that his son would finally pick someone and settle down. While the king was a good man at heart, Royce wasn’t sure if he would understand that his son was a little … different from other guys. He hadn’t found anyone that had sparked his interest even remotely, and he had known for some time now that he tended to be attracted to those of his own gender rather than of the opposite.
(end of extract)

Coincidental? I think not.

I am also making new friends with the Juliana batch of ppl.we went to ikea and even had lunch at italiannies.They are such a funny group.

They called themselves the CD-O's (shidios) which i translated as shitty-O's.We concluded that it was some type of DUng shaped cereals.add milk and get INSTANT Diarrhea

Alrite that's all i care to blog for now.Its such a tiresome thing to blog.I personally create all these Shitty-O pictures for u to enjoy.Anyway ,WHat the fruck do toads need stools for?

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