Monday, 19 June 2006


FOOD FOOD FOOD! Cow Lickin'& Pregnant Fishes

A while back I went to Momotaro A japanese restaurant in Sri Hartamas.The Owner was kind enough to give my family a free meal. You know wat this means...GORGE YOURSELVES!

It was a very unique meal as it combined barbeque,steamboat and sushi all in one! The metal looking grill which I suspect is a superconductor does not feel hot at all to the touch! u could actually pick up the sides n feel no burn. It was so magical! We were going to scream the first time we saw the waiter change it for us as he simply grabbed it with bare hands.

THis was a brand new experience for me as i ate stuff like SHISHAMO which is Pregnant fish

And also I tasted something that used to do the tasting..Ox tongue!

I oso ate sum paper steamboat where u eat stuff that gets boiled in a cone-shaped paper and i had dozens of other stuff.Cheesy potato,honey Yam,Buttered Salmon,Black Pepper Udon,Harami which is excellent fillets of marinated beef and finally finished off with warm Sake and Haagen Daz Green Tea ice cream. The best part =Its Free!

Another memorable dinner was rather recent,which was at the new restaurant King Crab opposite Kelana Jaya station.Once again my dad happens to know the owner so we went to support support. Tim and His mom&dad were there,Auntie this and That,Uncle always-with-my-dad And all of my royal family, including the Queen of the sows,Her Horrible Highness de Horreur---Rose.
But besides that,It was a rare gathering of close people whom we all kno but rarely get the chance to meet.Plus the food was Scrump-dili-umptious.Hokkien mee with extra fried pork LARD,Double Cholestrol Buttered Crab,Deep fried Pissing Prawns,Tall man's Pork,Chicken drowned in lemon sauce,Black Pepper sneezed deer meat and long life noodles. there were more but we ate it before we could identify it. Oh well. GO EAT NOW!

Oh this is sumtin i found while looking up pregnant fishes

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