Thursday, 22 June 2006


So Keys Me

AHaha This is soo HILARYious DUFF.This girl sings with words like silversmousse is barkley!and dances like beyonce slut. not that I insist on proper use of english,but I think its important not to sound like you're tongue is numb and asking the moon to be barkley..(wat the hell is barkley?) Anyway.this is the very project tat my frens are doing for Culture class. Yes its funny our Country has such language problems.I've discovered tat "gostan! GOstan!" tat drivers shout when they are in reverse actually came from 'go astern' which means go behind the vessel. anyway. for more examples of how Mangled English can ruin all advertisements image or totally screw up the message. ENGRISH.COM .

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