Saturday, 24 June 2006


Naughty Royce And His Choice

Royce was very naughty on Friday. Why u ask.. Because He skipped the WHOLE day of college for Shopping!!

Yes i've just become a hero to some, and a juvenile delinquent to others.But~ Oh well~ it was definitely FUN! I went with my new classmates -Juliana (whom is not new technically as she was high school classmate) and Samantha, (the personality copy of Royce). We spent what precious time we had from our already dwindling youth (The last teen year..sigh..) in the land of fun spending One Utama!

At Zara...

Juliana :AAAaaaah,look at this dress! sooo cute!!!! (puts dress against herself and gets instantly transformed into a model)

Dress : why thank you,I AM couture you know.

Sam :Wow!yeah! I like this part (points at intricate stitch details and it comes to life!)

Dress : see! COUTURE!

Juliana :I love this dress! (nods profusely)

Dress :I know,you all do~

Men's top :hey! check me out!

Me :(eyes opens wide) OMG! look at this price! (holds up price tag as if it was a trophy) I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S ONLY *BEEP*_insert price tag here_! Ok,I'm sooo getting this!

Sam and Ju clap their hands in unified approval.And there was peace on earth.

CAR-toon Coincidence
After such cheerful and fruitful shopping, we were all Endorphine-filled.Hand in hand,the three of us skipped like happy pixies to our cars.Juliana followed in my CLK(cute lil kancil!) while Sam drove her large (Nissan? Wish? Tortoise? watever..) car. We thought we were already separated,but we just happened to stop side by side again at the traffic light. We were so happy we started waving at each other, and pretty soon,even at a kid who was beyond Samantha's car.The kid stared at us...and smiled! I was so cheered by this tat i turned to see who was on my left. And got REALLY discouraged when I saw a grumpy old indian lady slapping her steering wheel.
Oh well we just got really crazy since the darn traffic light was soooo long.And i took a pic.

Then i drove Juliana all the way home,halfway there..there was a flash flood so me n ju were stuck in the jam.It sucked on our youth but u kno wat they say..If Life Hands You Lemons,Make Absolut LeMonade Served On The Rocks.or sumtin like tat.We listened to moody music and had a bonding talk...I know! such rare things.
Then after dropping her like hotcake,I went over to Stephanie's to play Mahjong since it was so jam. much more than just tiles to keep old people from going senile.
And later,we even Yum cha'd wit Mark Leong. The best thing wasn't planned. I love my talent of coincidence!


Sammie~~!! said...

HAHAHAHA...oh royce..that kid looks so a stalker or something...haha...but i *as usual* look AMAZING, don't i?

awww...u say i'm the personality copy of u....u sure or not...i think YOU'RE the personality copy of ME!!

copycat...just like today in CG...*sticks out tongue*

Sammie~~!! said...

HAHAHAHA...oh royce...that kid looks so scary...u didn't capture his cuteness properly laaaa....made him look like a stalker or something...but i look AMAZING *as usual* haha...

awww...u said that i'm the personality copy of u...ACTUALLY...i think that YOU'RE the personality copy of ME!

copycat...just like today in CG...*huffs*

Sammie~~!! said...

ooo...u have to approve my comment 1st issit...aiyo..i thought the comment didn't get saved...waste my time only rewriting everything...>.<