Friday, 30 June 2006

Einstein says; L'Pharque

Einstein says;De Cirque L'Pharque

In the great words of Albert Einstein. When he was asked If he knew what he was doing,he replied "If we knew what we were doing..It wouldn't be called research"

I truly admire such a way of thinking. ANd I'm currently exploring more SHOPPING! there's a ZARA sale till 23rd of JULY! dun miss it!. And important stuff like games! I still love RPG, but im gonna explore action games! Plus I tried getting my Jaw X-RAYED! omg! i was exposed to radioactive waves!But its free cuz it's done in the university hospital.Paid by those annoying tax of a few cents everytime we eat.
Some of you may wonder why. Well it's because i'm gonna have my wisdom tooth extracted.It's not causing me any problems at the moment.And i'm so glad all my other teeth are grown perfect! its just tat these are tilted and may cause me future problems.The tooth hasnt caused me pain but creates a gap where food can get stuck n may not be easily removed with brushing. So bye bye wisdom,I'm gonna be dumb without you.PLUS my cheeks are gonna look like an ASS sticking out the side of my face!

SO people.GO try something new!

De Cirque L'Pharque


This is the video that caused headlines all over the Mal-asian news lately. A few Highschool Girls from Miri ganging up on a girl and slapping the Soul right out of her face!At the end of the Super slimming slap session, She looked like a Famous Person. She looked like SAMARA!

Throughout this violent attack *voice of animal planet show host comes on* THese incredible species are absoloootly vicious! watch that sheer ferocity in that slap. (slow motion of slap with girls hand...spittle flies from victims mouth) *Show host looks at you* Amazing!
Ah as they say,Hell hath no fury like a bunch of PMS driven teen hookers who apparently have the males in their submission,shouting meaningless caution at the sidelines (guy's voice "Mou da la! gau la gau la!").These of course shows the dominance of these creatures in the particular community.As you can see,the coloring of their fur shows their status.The one with tied up ponytail assumes the power of horse! she gets to slap the bitch around the most,look at that horsepower! (vigorous slapping of girl) WOW.The Victim wears wat is known as the Baju Kurung -CAGE dress- signifying her capture.The predator whacks the victim without success as the victim is supposed to croak her defeat by admitting her wrong.But she remains in a fugly Daze,hair thrown all over the place n barely standing the ground.The male surprisingly steps in to save her,perhaps desiring to mate with such a weak specimen,as the male is a subordinate,he may find it hard to mate with the strong horsepower female.Its the way of nature *show host sighs*


this is another short edited version of it!gotta watch it!

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