Tuesday, 4 July 2006

shidio fai fai wan -sek

As most of you know I'm now in two different classes at the same time.One is with my old group CD051-1,the other is with the later intake than my own.This group has named itself the SHIDIOs! as their class is CD 055-1.So I titled this post SHIDIO Fai Fai Wan Sek (Shidio's quickly look for food) because we had a really fun steamboat dinner.

In the morning,I went to get my wisdom tooth removed.Its amazing wat anaesthetics can do for you! I barely felt anything except the weird sensation of someone's hands shoving in and out of my mouth.I really didnt notice that my tooth was out.But they THREW IT AWAY before I could see it!NOOOOO.Its like you gave birth n they threw ur child away befor u could see it.*sob* my war trophy...

With my mouth still bleeding a substantial amount of blood,I went straight to play SQUASH with Juliana,James and William. I was speaking like a total retard
Me: "Wowwsh,Thish ish ssuoo fun!(sound of sucking bloody saliva)Slorp Slorp.AHekhekhek.I Lurned duh Back-Hen!" James taught me the back hand.
While playing with Juliana,I did something silly and turned to smile with her.And she was like "oh gosh Royce! Ur bleeding!" true enough,I was drooling blood.yucks.

(later later..)
A humping welcome
We went to Samantha's house to rest for awhile and bathe n change clothes.But I was HUMPED BY HER DOG! Snuffles! (or was it ruffles?)anyway,He apparently likes to hump guys who visit Samantha's home,What an interesting way to welcome people.It even held my socks hostage,unwilling to let me leave.So cute...then me and Samantha got in the car and HAD A KARAOKE plus Dance session in the car!

(When it was late..)
Finally the fun steamboat event.There were so many people there I don't even know all of their names yet but here's who I remember:(Juliana,Samantha,Ashlei,Chrystal,May,Ben,Chris,William,James,Jun Tseng,Shawn,Evonne,Sam Goh and i'm sorry if forgot anyone.


The food was suitable for my poor bleeding orifice.I could only chew on one side so it took me awhile,thank goodness I could speak coherently by then!

Here we are,Personalising our own cups.

When we ate,they suddenly had an impulse to make a toast,to everything and anything.so funny la.Then we even promoted world peace in a language that we all understand,CAMWHORE!


Always make sure pics comes out great!

After all that,We played Twister.
It was sooo fun,and i felt so flexible~ahaha.Plus it made really fun photography!

Pleasurable games.

I smile though i suffer.

Twistdead,Wats up ur ass today?

A WHOLE PHOTO ALBUM of the event

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