Saturday, 8 July 2006

paws & shisha

PAWS & Shisha

On the bright early Wednesday Morn,6 little helpful elves met up for breakfast in the chinese Rest'or'Rent called "Tomorrow-Ming Tien".There were Rachie da japanese Elf,Fookie tall n thin Elf,Mandy the quiet but observant elf,Sabbie the tall bubbly elf,Pei Jien the very elfish elf and Roysy the bespectacled Hobbit.

Together In Sabbie Elf's moving machine,we arrived in the land of PAWS!It seemed like a deserted kampung village.And smelt like Dung and carrion were the main occupants.But as we entered,a tall australian female Billabong approached and scolded us for being late...but she later apologised n hopped on to preach about THE LAND OF PAWS!All shapes n sizes of K9s scrambled to greet us with sonic booms! "AARKK AAARK!!!"" ripples of sound reverberated in our skulls.The very air shimmered. Bitches and Hounds galore.

My favourite K9!

Being helpful little elves,we went to help the Australian Billabong walk these creatures.They were full of energy!!! Rachie Elf screamed all sorts of profanities in Japanese= "Nani! Bakka Kudasai!Blacku Soul ne!" as a black k9 dragged her thru scratchweeds.Sabbie Elf n PeiJein Elf bounced along with their k9s. While Roycy Hobbit just...carried his k9.

MAndy Elf n FOokie Elf were confined to the Miao area.All the Miaos were just lazing around...till We elfies went into their domain!,AAAAH!.. they surrounded us AND!!.....camwhored with us! LOL!

Best Miau Award!

Then we became human after several vigorous showers and I belanja Sabbie and Rachie at Tropicana!We yum cha'd at Tiffin Bay with Winson too and camwhored..except,this was for assignments!

Then I tried Shisha!! Grape flavoured! A brand new experience! I love trying new things.

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