Thursday, 13 July 2006


Gallivanting at Genting
Hit the Stars

GENTING TRIP! the one event tat i did not go willingly.I went wit a heavy heart expecting it to be dull as desert days.

My Charm (for those of u who dunno= this is my special ability to bend chance and fate.) arranged for like 5 persons i invited to all dive out at the last minute.I dunno why ppl love to fong fei kei with me. I didn't have a clue if anyone i knew was going.and in the end...only Erwin was there whom i knew.

We had to go in groups,I quickly got whoever seemed nicest n closest to me.Im so glad of my choice!perhaps it was my charm too..But it was a group tat worked well.

From Top left to Right bottom: Yeong,Me,Erwin,Nita,Peggy and Joanne

Out of the big slow bus we came out,Luke-KAh Peng the SSD guy was so playful the whole day i tell u!like big kid onli.TAking the portable microphone he had and attracting ATTENTION and SHAME to the One Academy students-(one of the leading art colleges of Mal-asia...LOL)anyway,he also got people to wear the one academy tshirt.FASHION SIN! Remember kids,UNIFORM=Ur-Not-In-Fashionable-Or-Respectable-Meng Pai stuff (branded stuff)

We took the cable car =1 hour wait.but talked alot with the group.RIght up till lunch we were talking bout ghost stories and haunted genting.

Outdoor park,Snow world and Ripley's believe it or not!

In the Ripley's Hall of Weird n freaky oddballs,I discovered i have amazing genes being able to lick my own tongue(1 in 3 ppl ability) n curl it upside down(1 in 1000 ppl ability!)

Unbelievable strength
Sitting on the Luckiest Chair in the world made of horseshoes-Unluckiest photo though.

Outdoor park is a common experience so i wont go into detail,jus roller coasters,spinner swings and long queues.But Snow World was a whole different World!
We stepped onto the frozen battlefield.Our breaths misted in the air.every hand vigorously grabbed at the cold sandy white powder at their feet.Glares and stares exchanged.who would cast the first snowball? Suddenly from behind me a figure blurred into view! I tried to dive for cover/to somersault stylishly out of range/to counter attack kung fu ice crane style.But my muscles simply did nothing.It was Yeong! he grinned,and hurled the Frozen energy ball at my face! *slow motion* Nooooooo...icy slap disintegrates my fantasy. He laughs with delight and scampers off.I take up the chase n we run off like happy little children.lalalaalaa FALalalalala
we came out looking like glassy haired grandfathers-
supposed to see the ice in his hair Wanted! the Ice Demon,Armed with snow balls!Beware!

the whole trip was just excellent fun.Made so many frens in one day.So people Try something New! i think thats like getting to be my tag line. And also open up to ppl! I reasoned that You only got one life,And if ur not friendly now,then When?This very moment comes once and ONLY ONCE EVER,it has just passed n will never come again.See! tat's what losing time feels like.
Every Moment Comes Only Once

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