Saturday, 15 July 2006

Random Kingdom

Random Kingdom

It's gonna be a random post As I am the Prince here,I have absolute power.Oooh I feel powerful~

It's been a while since the genting trip,Im posting slower than the events.And crap i have so many more pictures too.

Look at this crazy waiting line for a cable car!Thank goodness I entertained myself with talking to those beside me and waving to anyone i happened to face. I like the expression on the person in red!
AHA!LOLlipop! priceless "-_- look

Inside the cable car,Cruising over million year old forests.

In the Ripley's Vault looking at a car made of canadian coins.

Talk about being happy to die,look at those 2.Im the only one with the proper expression.Thanx Gary n drama classes!

Charmed Meal
thanx Sabbie n Sabbie Mama!
Why? cuz its free!muahaha. My special charm once again arranged for me,Manda and PeiJien to 'coincidentally' meet Sabrina and her Mom in Sushi King.True to what Sabbie mentioned to me last time,her mom handled our bill.She even encouraged us to eat more!so nice of such mothers.I think mine may...ok nevermind...


Juliana,Samantha William n Sam are doing a project on Manglish AKA Malaysian English or which I call "Mangled English".This got me thinking about our malaysian sort of Manglish,well my stand is manglish is important for us.Manglish is the middle ground for people to learn english.Think about it. Without manglish it would be like giving a China Chinese an English Dictionary which translates english to english.How is he supposed to learn anything without a reference? It is very important to master the English language,yet this world just wouldn't be the same without Manglish.Kenny Sia and AH Beng's just wouldn't be as funny.Our sentences would be bloody long.Imagine those Sungei Wang residents speaking perfect english! FReakay!

Fat babes,Double Cholestrol

Captain Cholestrol Strikes again!

Yes people I've just realise I should make use of my constant visits to "world famous" food stalls reccomended by "Them"-(all food stalls my parents go to seem to be world famous and renowned,advertised by these mysterious "THEY".They say ah,this food stall very nice wan ah) since my family has the great superpowers of EATING,I shall try to post more on this. This particular adventure was at Taman Paramount where the Cockles are very clean and Hokkien mee has delicious sauce.My dad, Captain Cholestrol,ordered Two Loh mee's,One Hokkien mi hoon,One Hokkien Kuay teow,One Ikan Bakar,Two plates of Cockles,chicken wings and even beef noodles.This suld sustain a normal family for a week but as's just a meal to us.

Okie Random hugs for you guys!Hug hug !

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