Sunday, 30 July 2006

Busy Beeswax

Busy Beeswax

OMG,My long absence from the realm of cyberspace is all due to my Le Fat Sister! ROSabella de hella.She actually sat on the laptop wire and it tore.leaving my laptop useless.
Anyway due to her Bad deed of the year I'm left with two weeks worth of business to record!!!

Added to my mountain of outings with friends,I had SO MUCH WORK!
I can barely remember what happened thruout my absence.Brace yourselves,It's gonna be a heavy post.
Tuesday18-Dinner with Steph,Juliana and Kristy n even Pasar Malam

On Wednesday 19-I went Clubbing with Rachell n Ejian at Maison,Danced like mad till we couldnt get off the dance floor for duck's sake.

Saturday 22- Typo class was cancelled so i went straight up to Genting for College camp in Peacehaven. Caught up with old friends and had inspiring conversations.N there were very attractive people up there..*drool*

Sun 23- As with all things fun that makes you want it to last longer,It ends immediately. So I drove back home with moodiness in my heart as my ears popped with the descent from genting.....Then I went to yee jenn's hse for her help with project,SUCH KINDNESS of her's! I Want to thank her deeply for all she did.

Mon 24- After class,Shidio Studio (juliana,Samantha,William,Sam n me) went to KLCC to do photography, we were doing an Advertising Campaign on Cadbury. We took strange photos and got berated by assholic guards,but it was satifying.

Tuesday 25-After a long class,Me,Julaina,Jeannette n Steph went for dinner. My charm arranged it so that We met Matthew the Afrohair eating there with his parents,which oso brought us,,,Dare i say it..... *huff* huff*...A FREE MEAL!!! *rounded cow cheerleaders sprout out to cheer* Thanx Afrohair parents!..
Then I had a deep and meaningful talk with Jeannette about philosophy,the existence of God before rushing to One Utama's Neway Karaoke for a free treat.(LOVES FREE THINGS!) unfortunately I took some "fresh" oysters that kept my tummy rumbly for the next few days.I was SPOTTED by the birthday girl when me n Rach were passing Thai club last week.Such Celebritiness.

Wednesday 26-Then stayed over at Samantha's Hse to do the Cadbury Project and had to give up a clubbin nite with Rach and her penang frens..WHO BY THE WAY,SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED MY COMPANY!..ahah im making a big deal out of it cuz i just met them once and they like me! aww u sweeet suckers u.Moon tart?Mun tat? urgh memory STILL bad.

Thursday 27- Woke up In Sam's hse 2 continue sufferin over project.Fast forward to presentation>> My charm Flipped! Bad luck galore! Juliana forgot to bring my suit,The computer wouldn't start,The microphone's switch actually collapsed inward! The speakers wouldn't sound,The pictures wouldn't load!Oh gosh we were drowning in an asshole for freak's sake.Thankfully We managed to cover up the presentation with spontaneity,This may sound boastful but I must say my quick thinking saved the day.But i hurt ppl's feelings by taking over Sam goh's part.Sorry man.

Friday 28- watched Pirates of the Caribbean with Shidios

Saturday 29-Ate French food

Sunday 30 -Watched Dragon Tiger Gate with Jonathan.

Freaaak,that some crazy busy week. I apologise to those whom I Didn't have time to go out with or if I fong fei kei. anyway I can't remember so much more things.I definitely did more than mentioned. Ok gotta go off now. Substantial Evidence will be uploaded soon. meanwhile-there's sum evidence in RAch and ejian's blogs. tata

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