Tuesday, 1 August 2006

Playing Tag. I'm it.

Playing Tag and I'm It

Because I was tagged by Grace Teoh.I have to go down Memory Lane now to chase her.

Ten Years Ago I was:
In the Year of 1996,Aged 9,Living In Gombak,I was a Rounded Black Doraemon Studying In the torture CHINESE primary school called Lai Meng.Strict teachers marched around gripping canes till their knuckles turned white.I had only begun to figure out the mandarin language for myself after two years of being considered deaf and mute by the other students.I hated being there despite picking up the Mandarin Language.There Bats in the Hall,Graveyard right at the back (convenient for horror stories),A toilet that smells like there was a dung fight inside--and situated RIGHT BESIDE the canteen,so the fragrance can infused ur food.Blah,Im just glad to be out of that Cina Hellhole.

5 x 365 days ago I was :
It was the year 2001,Aged 14,My voice cracked,i was a taller doraemon with pimples.I had entered Sri Sempurna AKA Sri Perfect. A small CHRISTIAN secondary school comprised of about a hundred ppl at that time.Right next to a mosque and a public badminton court.The place itself looked more like a Old Folks home than anything else.The system here was holy.teachers walked around praying and thanking the lord.Our headmistress farts and forgets stuff then blames it on the devil.I was staying at Brickfields and main travel was by LRT.That time in my life I was starting to come out of my shell.Being suddenly in an environment who understood my language was weird.I became very good friends with Sheryl and started to get to know myself.I wrote many freak books recording my own insane thoughts on paper.I SERIOUSLY sounded mental ok.2001 was not that much of a momentous year,But it does contribute to my life.Unfortunately I cant tell u more cuz my diary doesn't have a single entry for that year.

52 weeks ago = 1 year ago I was:
Year 2005,Aged 18,I've blossomed into a different person completely.AND Its legal for me to Drink, and I also can drive.(Sometimes both at the same time.) After much thinking..well ok it was simply cuz I saw friends in One academy,I too jumped on the boat to "Design my own future".It was a year of many firsts and Drama.I oso made good and close friends like Rach,Sab,Yee Jenn,Yeng and of course many other friends too that would make my blog burst if i tried to mention them.The biggest impact was Winson though.He was the first person I met that had all the similarities with me.On the first day we exchanged numbers n it all rushed onwrds from there.We shared many secrets,thoughts and experiences,I loved the many fun dinners we went out on,even though it was just us,it never seemed to be boring.Its just that Every Single Farquing Time we go out,ALwyn just had to Shit everything up!Shackled Nipples on ur MOMMA!..MAN!Anyway,the times we stayed up all nite jus chatting on the balcony till sunrise will always live on as a beautiful memory.Then When he stepped out of my life,in came the girls and even people who are definitely important in my life.The Simple but life changing chats that I had with Rachell,Sab,YeeJenn,Yeng,SumSum,Rick,Jonathan,Cynthia,Sheryl,CHristle omg n so much more definitely helped last year.Thanx you guys.And dun worry those who I did not mention,these are just those whom I rememebr Last year.

Yesterday I was:
At Megamall with Jonathan, shopping and Watching the ILLOGICAL AND BADLY WRITTEN -DRAGON TIGER GATE! even the title reeks of MANGLISH! CINAPIAK! Go crouch And get Hidden la! then went to his house to blog.Then went home to watch queer as folk.

Five most recent songs i've listened to/ Five Reccomended songs:
*Justin Timberlake ~ Sexy Back (dance)
*Nelly Furtado feat Timbaland ~ Promiscuous (R&B)
*Anna Nalick ~ In The Rough (Female Alternative)
*Duncan Sheik ~ Barely Breathing (Male Alternative)
*Plumb ~ Taken (Female Alternative)

Five Ideal Runaway Places :
*To the Beach
*By the River
*In the Rain
*Your Best friend's house

Five Items I really want : (can i make that fifty?)
*A 500$ snazzy coat with a hood -I saw this in Zara at One Utama.
*Ipod Video 60GB
*Da Best laptop in the market
*A Bank Account with lots of money
*A new House designed by me

Five Things I Really Should Be Doing RIGHT NOW!:
*Doing My Figures Assignment!
*Doing My Print Production Assignment
*Clean My Pigsty Room
*Plan MY LIFE!

Five Biggest Joys In life:
*To Love
*To Be loved
*To be Rich
*To be surrounded by good close friends
*To be Contented

Five People To Tag:

Because I was tagged by Grace Teoh:

The Rules:
Once you have been tagged you have to write a blog with six weird facts/things/habits about yourself. In the end, you need to pick six people to be tagged and list their names.

1.I have split personalities named Jewel and Emerald of whom both i've done extensive study on.

2. I can't touch oil we my bare hands! Ok i just dislike it.So I use tissue to hold a drumstick. I get little oil blisters easily ok.

3.I like to make potions which are useful as simple cures or cosmetic products.

4.I like Girls doing martial arts.I dunno why.Pictures of powerful supernatural women are soo cool. You go Goddess!

5.I absolutely hate to be alone!I prefer to do anything,everything with someone.I hate it when I have nothing to do and no one to look for.

6.My mind is way too active,as soon as I'm awaken by something i can;t go back to sleep till Im absolutely dead tired.

iTAG : Rachell,Sabrina,Samantha,Jasiminne,Lynn,Ejian

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