Friday, 4 August 2006

To Hunger is Human.To Dine is Divine.

To Hunger is Human,To Dine is Divine

Can you guess what it'll be about? no it ain't about moral's FOOD! weee.

So let's dive in shall we.Today's Menu will be French and Barqeque steamboat. There will be two rounds before knockout.So enjoy.

ROUND 1 TOOT! surrouding wall screens change scene. you are now in Gourmandines in Ampang area.Students come here to learn french and Vwee all Knowse Ze French canz speak like zhey wipe zyour ass with silk.

ze Creme Brulee la Foie Gras
this dish is La disgusting for asians.the sweet and savoury clashes like YUCK! it was like a Tuna cake or beef ice cream. WRONG!

Have a main course choice of Grilled Butterfish?...Pomfret?..COD! Aiya creature of the sea la or Charbroiled Sirloin steak. Both were succulent and juicy with a supporting dish of cheddar potatoes.Mmmm.

Double fattening Double portion of frozen Vouch--something chocolate fudge! with a crumbly cookie at the side for fun.

This round ends with you feeling severely hurt by the Creme brulee FUAHK grass. totally spoilt the meal. YOu are KO'd

Round 2 My cafe sprays a cloud of air freshener,and when it clears up, you are with Me and The SHIDIO's! in Sunway Pyramid at the new replacement of the late Dave's Deli place.- Bar B Q steamboat.

This cooking style is absolutely unique. You can choose to either boil or grill it.

Finally Sam Goh can say "hey! I'm goin to eat at a place where i can burn fats!".Who needs the gym.

And finally no meal would be complete without my favourite..FLESH!

This round you come out champion with us cheering at your side. The meal was interesting and reasonable too. At four pax per set u pay only 10 to 11.It's a promotion for now. Plus you get to play with your food.

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Random Reports
Breakfasted with Sheryl in the morning, went for moral class with the Hotties (rach,sAb,manda,peijien), Went for Adprinciples and dinner at barBQ with Shidio. Linking shidio blogs!

Coming up soon

Birthday gathering, Formal Charity Dinner.

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