Tuesday, 8 August 2006


Double-sided COINcidence

My Charmed Life has a Fate/Luck charm, for example If you tossed a coin and call for heads or tails.If I threw it,it just may land balanced on its side.an impossible COINcidence.

Bump in the pool

Lets start with example one: Friday 4th August,After college class,I went Swimming at Tropicana.guess what? I bumped into my ex-highschoolmate in the locker-room. Jen Ne's brother Ming Zen.(actually i totally forgotten his name but i can remember faces) When Lynn told me his name,it didnt even ring a bell..just a Thud.
Seconds after he left for the pool,I turn my head and see,CARL my college mate. That was so strange,In the 1 and a half year that I've frequented Tropicana,I've never bumped into anyone until that day! COINcidence.We were all in the pool and I felt totally weird *sinks to bottom of pool* but of course I went to be friendly.

Birthday Bash Clash

On Satuday~ Me & the Haute Couture Hauties (Sab,rach,manda n peijien) went to Bar-B-Q steamboat again to celebrate Kum Fook's Birthday.We even bought him a mini black forest (not nice one!~)

COINcidentally On the same day, I rushed down to Sri Petaling to celebrate Jonathan Ren's birthday!He treated us wit a meal of steamboat and there were just a few ppl.Me and cynthia caught up while drinking a bottle of BEER! after we got a little high,I decided to bring Cynthia along to the next stop - Laundry Bar at The Curve!

Loaded Laundry

After FIXING A FLAT TIRE! (I didn't even notice it till honked at mercilessly)and picking Rachell up, Me and my two gorgeous dates did our ritual thing again- DRINK & DRIVE!

We were to meet Rachie's friends from Penang again (I practically met the whole of Penang thru Rach) Roshan,...(a guy whose name sounds like Chau Hai) and another guy named...er..aiya lets just call him Bill Gates so i'll sound like im hanging with the Billionaires.
Guess What..In the PAcked crowds of Laundry Bar I Bumped into Fiona Eng there!AND an Ex-worker from T.G.I.Fridays. COINcidence!
Roshan bought us drinks. As for me and Cyn,we already had a beer,Jack Daniels and now a Black Label.We were soon spinning pleasantly,or was that the ground? but I taught Cyn how to play drinking games and we became super friendly.Hadn't had so much fun in a while!

Children,this is what we call a BAD example of drunk asses.remember,don't look right,look wrong! then sit on the road!

Sunday Art Play

On Sunday,I met up with Rach,Pei Jien.Naseeb n Carl+family were there too.It was a play called 1969,supported by Five Arts Centre and has something to do with the Krishen Jit Project (for those who doesn't know,That's Marion's late Husband) Held in Sunway college it was an eye opener as the choreography and expressions were very NON-Malaysian.A pleasant surprise and makes us plan to visit KLPAC on Friday for a play called Dream'n Butterfly!oooh~

More proof and a witness account at Rachellicious' blog!

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