Thursday, 10 November 2016

The Science of Sleep - LoRe (Lessons of Royce)


(From Royce's Footnotes)

I have had the fruitful opportunity to receive a lecture on the technicalities of sleep, conducted at my company  - Tropicana office tower.

The speaker is a sleep doctor, or sleep specialist, which can also be your GP or Ear, Nose & Throat specialist. There is the American Board of Sleep Medicine - to understand the collective of Sleep scholars in the field of Somnology.

R.E.M - Rapid Eye Movement

There are 5 stages of REM sleep and we begin our sleep by entering heavier, uninterrupted sleep at the start and progress into longer alternating intervals of light REM sleep and Deep (Non-REM sleep).



EEG (electroencephalogram) to measure and record brain wave activity
EMG (electromyogram) to record muscle activity such as face twitchesteeth grinding, and leg movements; it also helps in determining the presence of REM stage sleep.
EOG (electro-oculogram) to record eye movements; these movements are important in determining the different sleep stages, particularly REM stage sleep.
EKG (electrocardiogram) to record heart rate and rhythm
Nasal airflow sensor to record airflow

Snore microphone to record snoring activity

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These are just some of the known / common sleep disorders that people experience, but equal to the variety of minds out there, surely there are also more types of sleep disorders that remain unrecorded and undiscovered.

Approved Solutions

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I personally am an advocate of natural remedies such as the healing art of scent.

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The allopathic medical community would recommend Melatonin supplements, of course, you should seek professional medical advice before going for these.

Melatonin Supplement
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Hope this information helps you get a better quality of sleep at night.

Good Zzz's to you.

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