Sunday, 4 May 2008

Surprise! Happiest Birthday EVER

Omg yesterday was the happiest birthday ever, when my biological clock hit the big 21.

I was gullible enough to fall for Rachell, Gunjan and Myra's ruse that we were heading to a club. I was innocently prepping up for a small outing with the girls, dress to the nines, all looking fine.

We step out onto the pavements and walk towards the tram stops. They said we have to meet rachel thean in Caffeine, our local Uni bar. I was like why? such weird things.

I step in, Rachell khoo on my arms, feeling rather annoyed that we had to meet Rachel Thean inside ,while Salvador, the guy she was supposedly "having coffee" with was sitting outside. But i walk on anyway expecting to see her with another bunch of unknown friends where I have to be awkward and fake with.

Then as I enter the dark antechamber, someone pulls a popper and " SURPRISE!!!! "

All I had time to register in my brain was Sasha. and the world didn't make sense as I saw all my friends there.

Rachel thean, Sasha, Bhav, Li Fang, Darrell, Eric, Fiona, Derrick, Markus, Denise, Wern Yii, Shin Yeu, Denise Yee Boon, and finally those who were with me - Rachell, Gunjan and Myra.

I was riddikulusly Awestruck! Nothing made sense at that moment. i was thinking ' What is this? Why is my daydreaming so shockingly real?' When it finally came that it was a surprise birthday for me, I was on cloud 9~

Yeap you can tell when a person's ecstatic their face scrunches up into an unglam smile

I can't believe they manage to pull it together behind my back. I really didn't think anyone would do that for lil ol' me, lol, to book a whole bar in the name of Royce, wooo* I felt so proud of my friends. Fiona even thought of the theme, alter-ego's for the night. She came as an Angel, lol.

In the shock of it all, I sat down and then my music started blasting from the speakers.I find out Rachell had actually sneaked my Ipod in here! omg that was seriously a nice touch and finally got me back into it.

Then Lo and Behold, the surprise doesn't stop there. They sit me down on a chair in the middle ,and announce a gift from them. Bright lights and sirens went off.
They Hired me a STRIPPER! AAAAaaaah My Goddess! I was lifted off my feet and placed gently onto the ground. Then came the scandalous parts that will only be shared in memory with those who were there.

Finally came the pretty cupcakes baked by Myra ,i Loved the cute candles that said (LOST COUNT)

Talk about a Blast for your 21st. Plus I'm STILL having a barbeque day i'll look back at this post and think. ....Pharq! i'm old,

The "Best Liars For A Good Cause Awards" goes to:
Sasha Rani - (for pretending to be busy that day)
Rachell Khoo - (for keeping the party totally secret from me)
Myra Hood - (for convincing me that we were gonna go to Market* and the "I'm baking cupcakes today cuz I want to" excuse.)
Gunjan Malekar - (for coming to help with marination though she knew wat was going on)

The 'Best Party Ideas" Award goes to:;
Fiona - (for the alter-ego theme idea)
Rachell and Myra - (for putting up my Ipod idea)
Myra and Markus - (the hire me a scandalous stripper idea)
Thanks everyone of you who wished me happy birthday: Winson, Samantha, Christle, lynn Tan, Tim,Alea, Mint, Sandra, Sheryl,Jun Wei, Gary, Jasiminne, Audrey Quek, Joanne Teo, Sabrina.

might upload more pics next post*

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KiMmY PoTteR said...

Happy birthday, birthday boy! best wishes to u! :D