Saturday, 10 May 2008


I wish to thank all those who came to my BBQ night too. we definitely had fun.

I'd just like to take a moment to appreciate all my friends and all that they did.

So I'm documenting all the presents that I've received~

From Mint = A lovely designer illustration book!

From Denise,ShinYeu and SuJin = Joke Gifts

From Fiona = Unisex Perfume from United Colors of Benetton, H20 travel set and platicine which i turned into a zoo.

From Housemate= Momiji secret doll ,From Derrick= Clear mascara.

From Rachell : Natio body set

Rachell also gave me Peter Alexander Pyjamas. So fetch

From Sandra : Ferrero Rocher.

more to come__LOL

Derrick was nice enough to come over and help me fix my internet. Such an important saviour! We all know that nowadays no internet = LOSER! Retardo!.. THANKS DERRICK!

Man I'm so sleepy but I wanna get this post up!

Currently I'm in the slaughterhouse of assignments. I've had so much fun on my birthday that
it now seems so bland and tedious in comparison.

I need a CPR for my soul! resuscitation for my life!

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Jean said...

you forgot that i showed up at your doorstep the next day at 7 in the morning...hohohoho. and you had to make me breakfast.